NOTE FOR ALL USERS updating to OS6 or OS7. Be sure to read the wiki page for this define before adding to your config.


Once this define is added to your config, the intended use is to make all future updates to your saber via Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench and NOT by uploading changes to your config.
This define tells the OS to use the .ini files on your SD for all presets and settings so if you have new styles, changes to fonts, colors, etc. or changes to volume, clash threshold, brightness, blade length or other settings that are editable in Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench that you’re trying to make via a change to your config you will not see those changes on your saber if the .ini files have different values.
This can be confusing, particularly for new users, as you may have a successful upload but not see the changes on your saber. You also have to be mindful when adding, removing or updating presets in your config once this define is enabled (refer to below wiki article).
I recommend only adding this define AFTER you have your saber dialed in to where you want it with all styles and settings for your “baseline” set. Then once you add this define, all future changes should only be made via Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench. If you need to add a style or upload other changes via your config, you should remove or comment out this define first and then only add it once you have the saber’s default set.


I get that, but the reason I use it is that it maintains my chosen volume level after flashing. I do most of my tinkering when the family re asleep so would rather not wake them up every time.

Maybe we need a separate define to maintain the volume? I’d imagine my use case is not isolated.

It’s just a recommendation, if users are familiar enough with the OS then its on them to remember the caveats and results that come with enabling this specific define. For new users though it is causing more headaches and unnecessary troubleshooting time so it should really only be used once they are done with the initial setup of their saber.

You’re specific use was already discussed here and should be coming in OS7 I believe.

Ah cool. I must have missed that.

This PR has been merged, so official BOOT_VOLUME option will be in OS7.
If you want to implement it now, this page shows the changes.

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This define appears to be popping up a lot recently. Users should not have this define in their config if they don’t understand what it does or are trying to upload changes in their config. Read first post before adding this to your config and if you’re having issues with an upload remove this define and upload before trying to troubleshoot.