Soundfont not showing up

Newly built saber using a Proffie 2.2 board. Was able to add some Greyscale soundfonts and bladestyles, but when I added a Kyberphonic soundfont (OB3) and a custom Bladestyle made on the Fett263 website, it doesn’t show up when going through the fonts on the saber.

Here is my config file: my_config2.h (71.0 KB)

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That would make sense, because when I switched to the fett263 prop file is when I added all the fonts except the Kyberphonic one. So I can just comment that out, reflash Proffie, and add my fonts?

Yes, only use that define if/when you no longer plan to upload changes via Arduino.

That did it! Just re-flashed and my Obi-wan soundfont is there and working! Still can’t get the track for my Lumos soundfont to play, but I should probably start a different thread for that.

Make sure the track is formatted correctly.

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As far as I know it should be? It was made the same way as another track that does play. Also, it will play from the track player, just not when the soundfont is selected (but not on) and the saber is pointing up (long press power button).

If you look at my config, all the stock ones (Mars, Venus, etc) play fine, and the DuelFates.wav plays on a long power press, but the lumos.wav and Obiwan.wav will not.

Double check the path and filenames are exactly the same on config and SD.

Everything matches?


Then double check format is 44khz, 16-bit mono PCM. Or connect to Serial Monitor and see what it says when you try to play the files.

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Loaded them into Audacity, mixed them down to mono 16bit PCM and re-exported them…and they work perfectly!

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This is The Way.


glad they got you fixed! much better capabilities here tgat make solving issues easier than youtube comments!!! Welcome to the crucible!!

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Thanks for directing me here, and for the help over on your channel!

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