Gesture Sleep won't save

Hello. Newbie here. Recently installed gesture controls and that’s great! But a minor inconvenience is that whenever I upload my config and insert the battery my chassis frequently will turn while I’m in the process of inserting it into the saber. The FETT263_SAVE_GESTURE_OFF define works great for me turning off gesture controls after the chassis is in the saber already, but once I take out the battery and put it back in again gesture controls are on again. Is there a way to circumvent that?

For reference I am on Version 7.8 and am using an UltimateWorks proffie heart (2 button system).

Config here:

Does this only happen after an upload? What happens if you remove chassis and battery then put it back in, as is, without uploading?

Just so you know how the .ini files work, whenever you upload to your board it will ignore any saved files from an older upload, this includes the gestures.ini because the assumption is that you want to start with your new settings. So if it’s only happening after an upload then this is the cause and it’s intended to function that way.

If you want to change that behavior, you can keep your .ini settings active with the KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING define BUT that applies to EVERYTHING and can cause changes in your config for presets or other defines to not show or work as expected so I highly recommend reading this page before you implement.

Even without uploading, when I remove the battery from the chassis and put it back in it gesture controls are on again, even when I turned it off when the chassis + battery were still in the saber.

Hmm, looks like a bug. I’ll have to dig a little deeper and see about a fix.

If it’s any help, my chassis also reverts back to my first preset/font when I remove and put the battery back in.

That is expected behavior unless you add the below define.


Just thought I’d bring it up in case the two were related. But glad that’s working as intended. Thank you!

Yeah, no worries, always good to ask. This bug may have been in OS6 too, but not reported, I’ll have a closer look this evening, it’ll be in a new version when it’s done and tested.

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Looking at what your config looks like yeah, add in #define SAVE_PRESET and that should help out.

OK, I have fixed. If you want the update now you can grab from my development fork. I have submitted for the next update to the main OS - OS7.11 (I believe).

On this page, click the green Code button > Download ZIP. Then extract the contents into a new “ProffieOS” folder, then add your config to the /config folder and upload as you normally would.

Just tested it out! After turning off gestures, when I remove the battery from the chassis and put it back in, gestures remained off. Works like a charm! Thank you so much!

Great, glad to hear. It’ll get added to an upcoming update but you can use that version for now, it’s essentially 7.10b.

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