ProffieOS Config Helper Tool v3.0 Introduction (OS7 Feature Support and Config Optimization)

For all of the Proffieboard users who want to add more presets, build more unique styles and really maximize the potential of your Proffieboard be sure to check this video out.

v3.0 of my Config Helper Tool is now live. ProffieOS7 introduced so many new features and concepts I built this config helper tool to allow users to get the most out of their Proffieboard sabers.

This tool will help old and new users to easily built out and update your config and implement all of the new features (in conjunction with my upcoming OS7 Library). The config helper is designed to work with the upcoming Library to help you maximize the potential of OS7.

This video is specifically discussing the new optimization capabilities available in OS7 by combining the style options, using functions and new style arguments capabilities to let you do more and fit more onto your Proffieboard than ever before.

For example, in the past many users have run out of memory adding a few Greyscale styles to their configs. I have remade and optimized the Greyscales styles (which were originally derived from OS5 library styles) for the OS7 library and made them fully editable. In testing, I tried to upload 18 Greyscale styles to my board and it exceeded FLASH memory by over 39000 bytes (115% of available FLASH memory for just those 18 styles). Then using the OS7 Library versions to build “option styles” with using functions and style arguments I was able to upload all 18 Greyscale styles along with another dozen presets and only use 84% of FLASH memory, leaving 16% available for even more optimized styles and able to generate 100s of unique presets easily.

In combination with newly optimized styles coming in my OS7 Library, the config helper will allow you to easily take option styles and using functions to generate nearly 100s of unique presets on your saber and fit even more styles and presets than you have before.

In addition, this tool is designed to support the new OS7 style arguments and CONFIG_STYLES which will allow you to build more and more presets, with more and more customization. As you build your presets into the tool you will be able to quickly edit the arguments (the tool will read the style and show you what Edit Mode arguments are available). This allows you to add your color editing, options and other customizations directly into the config which enables more presets and easier updating to future OS versions while maintaining your selections. Combining the style arguments with using function support, you can expand the number of presets and customize each one all before you upload to your saber.

You can also apply previously made edits from your presets.ini into the config for easier updating in the future.

Please post any questions or issues in this thread related to v.3 of the tool.


Note for users, Using Functions need to be added to the proper section. Check the Using Function(s) box and add to the Using Function section, then use the dropdown box to select in the Preset style area. I have added an error for users who try to paste using code into a style, but you’ll need to refresh the page for the update.

first off, thank you for all the hard work on your styles and editor. i can’t imagine how much more difficult this hobby would be without it.

as of V3.0 i’m finding and issue with adding different ignition, preon, power up effects.

for example (and this goes for many of the styles, if not all) if i open up “the Adam Project” blade style and try to add the stack ignition type suggested in the comment for it, i get “Mult:Expected FUNCTION but got BendTimePowXClass[id = 137616808] for argument 1 (FUNCTION1)”

this happens with many of the ignition types in the v3 style builder. and the style no longer works. not in the style preview and the code fails if added to the config. with several syntax issues. the same issues happen if using multi phase with any options that throw the same error without multiphase.

is this broken or am i doing something wrong?

thank you!

Are you using ProffieOS 7.8?

which library are you using?

Found it, there was a bug in some ignition and retraction effects in the OS7 Library, I just pushed a fix up. Please note, there is a dedicated thread for issues with the OS7 Library, please post any future issues or questions there. It is linked directly from the top of the library with a note to post there :wink:

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Looks like the “disable colorwheel” options aren’t working? That’s not putting out a line into my config, can still change colors while the blade is ignited which is messing with my subblades - am I doing something wrong?

Yup, looks like it’s not adding the define, I’ll get it updated when I get a chance. In the interim just add the define to your config if you need it sooner.

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This should be fixed now, you’ll need to refresh the page for the update.

Is it possible that the responsive fire blade style is broken? Whenever I try to paste it into the OS7 config helper as a using function, I get the following error message:

“Only letters, numbers or underscore ‘_’ can be used. No spaces or special characters.”

I did not modify the blade style in any way. It’s copy/pasted straight from the OS7 open access style library. I also looked for special characters in the code but I couldn’t find any. Am I missing something?

I’ll take a look when I get a chance, that’s typically just the using name triggering the error.

In the interim, just use “Get Style Code” in Library instead of Using Function and paste into Using Function section in the Config Helper. It will convert the style to a using function for you.

I also tried changing the using name without success.

However, it does work when I use get style code. Thanks!

You’re welcome. I’ll have a look at the using error when I get some time.

Noob here so I apologize in advance and appreciate your patience. I’m trying to upgrade an off the shelf TXQ. There are a few styles in the config file that the style preview function will not open for. They are working on Fredrik’s style editor. I’m not sure if it’s user error or I have found an issue. Here is one that is not working:


I just added an update to include all of the Clash Detection defines that profezzorn discusses here:

These defines can be used to dial in clash detection methods for OS7, there is a new section added for “Additional Clash Adjustments” to allow further tweaking in your config.

This update also fixes this bug.

You’ll need to refresh the page to get the new scripts and options.

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@Fett263 thanks! I’m so new to this I was hesitant to even post as I was leaning towards it being my own fault. I appreciate your work on this!

No, if something isn’t working as expected it always better to post, there’s a lot of moving parts so bugs pop up. I can only fix them if I’m aware.

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I have made an update to the BladeConfig script to allow it to check for Blade Detect (NO_BLADE) and check number of blades in Blade Arrays. You’ll need to refresh the tool to get the updated scripts. You will still need to select your Blade Detect Pin per your original config for Blade Detect to work properly but the tool should read and set up the no_blade_presets correctly.


I have pushed an update to fix Style Arguments being lost when new using Functions were added. Updated version is v3.09 (listed at top), refresh page if older version number is shown.

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Pushed another fix, new version is v3.10. Refresh the page to get latest update, includes a small bug fix and an update to handle spaces in the CONFIGARRAY.