Sd card full

Hi my sd card is full says arduino so I can’t put more style blade. I have only 30 style blade now and I don’t know if it is normal or if we can put more abitually then how can I win some place on sd card without delete bladestyle and can I buy maybe a sd card with more capacity?


I think you’re confusing FLASH memory with SD. The SD card only holds the sound files and some .ini files, it does not hold your styles AND Arduino can’t see what’s in it. You probably mean you’ve exceeded FLASH memory, which is the memory available on your board. You cannot fit more on the board than the available memory so you will need to reduce the size of your config and/or take steps to save memory (although 30 styles is a good amount depending on complexity). Now if you want to have more presets you can create copies of the existing presets and then change fonts and settings if you have Edit Mode enabled styles and use Edit Mode or ProffieOS Workbench. You can create as many presets as you want by combining fonts and styles but you can only fit a fixed number of styles onto the board.
I recommend using my library to build Option Styles if you want to build many unique presets, depending on how you build the style you can create a single style that can then generate 100s of unique presets via Edit Mode of Workbench.
I discussed a bit here in the OS6 library: Let's Talk ProffieOS6 Style Library - Tonight 9:00pm EST - YouTube
And the new config tool also gives you ways to do with Using Functions and style arguments:
ProffieOS Config Helper Tool v3.0 Introduction (OS7 Feature Support and Config Optimization)
There are also other ways to save memory here:
ProffieOS Documentation: Saving FLASH Memory

Yes it’s exactly that the flash memory I didn’t know how to say it ^^ well thank you I will look all of this cause it’s very new for me.

And I got one question, I want to change some voice in the saber, is it simple has juste replace the file by a new file with french voice by example in the sd card? Or do I have to configure in the flash memory with arduino?

If you mean the Voice Pack sounds in your ‘common’ folder you can just replace the files with the same names on the SD so long as your config was already set up to use.

Ok thank you

For adding some blade style I was forced to rebbot my board for the computer can detect it and now I have no more access to the change volume mode do you think I did something wrong?

Not really sure what you’re meaning, did you make changes to your config and/or upload a different config? I suggest you follow this page (read everything and go step-by-step), when you upload your config through Arduino it will apply the new config to your saber (if successful) so if it’s acting differently you either changed something in the config or you uploaded a different config than you meant to.

I do exactly like it says and everything is ok except the fonction volume change I don’t know why.

Post your config. You can use to share.

I put it like that tell me if it’s ok

Anakin_EP3_Proffie_2_Button.h (53.9 KB)

Harder for me to read on a phone, in the future is better to share.

What OS version are you using and what controls are you doing for the volume menu? Make sure you’re reading the controls for my prop :wink:

Ok ^^ I use version 2 cause I have a proffie v2.2 that what I saw in tuto. And the commande for volume mode is aux and power in same time and after aux for less and power for more volume

Hook up to the computer, go into Arduino > Tools > Serial Monitor and type ‘version’, you can’t be using OS2, the current version is OS7.8.

Ho sorry I didn’t understand well. I have the last version os 7.8

Ok, you need to read this page for proper set up and controls. You’re missing the Voice Pack set up which is required with my prop and the control uses a dial to change volume. See Set up for Voice Prompts section.

Adding the voices pack will give me the possibility to change the volume?

And all the fonction there is in this page I can add them like see the battery level that it was not on my saber before?

The volume control is already there but you’re doing the control wrong AND you don’t have the sound prompts in place you probably have no idea if you’re in the mode or not. That’s why the “common” folder with Voice Pack is required.

You can enable all of the features for my prop via defines or use this tool, it will walk you through the options easily and produce a complete config and custom Button/Control list for you.

Sorry but I don’t understand what they said about adding the voice pack. I have to enter some type of command in the sd_card file who is in common folder but I don’t know wich command for the volume I have enter and I have to install in font folder in each config on sd card but should I paste all the sounds?

Before I was a sound juste a “bip” when I enter in volume mode but I have not anymore and when I do the same manip it don’t change the volume

It’s all written on my prop page, see “Set Up for Voice Prompts (Required)” section and follow instuctions. If you need help adding “;common” to your presets the config tool I linked above handles that for you auatomatically, you just need to make sure you add the “common” folder with the Voice Pack sounds to the root of your SD.

ok thank you very much for all information. I will try this even if I have some difficulty to understand all