ProffieOS6 & 7 Config Helper Tool v.2

I have updated my Config Helper Tool to version 2. I’m starting this thread for users to ask questions or report any issues. I have dramatically expanded the functionality of this tool so some bugs are to be expected.
I conceived this tool originally with OS7 in mind. It’s intended to help both new and seasoned users and installers to be able to navigate all of the possibilities in your config as well as help to update and set up your config. As we’ve added more and more features from OS5, OS6 and now OS7 the number of defines and the level of customization they offer has grown exponentially and I find even the most seasoned Proffieboard users aren’t actually aware of everything possible. I designed this tool for users to easily see and learn about all of the things they can set up via their config.
In addition, I’ve greatly expanded the functionality from the original v1 tool to make it even more user-friendly and powerful.

Try it out: Fett263 Proffieboard ProffieOS6 & 7 Config Helper

  1. The tool will now store your config in your browser’s localStorage (this means the browser you originally use is where the data is stored so you can come back to that browser anytime as long as you haven’t clear localStorage)
  • This allows you to save and come back to your config anytime, hours, days, weeks or months later.
  • And with this new save capability I have expanded the tool to allow you to build up to 6 individual configs.
  1. The tool now has a Download Config option that will export the config you’ve built in the correct .h format so you can save it directly into ProffieOS/config and begin using (see video above for more details).

  2. This tool not only creates the config for you based on all of the selections you make, it will also produce custom documentation based on the defines, prop, styles and other options you select. This allows you to print out a custom user manual for your specific saber. Once you build the full Config you can then download the “Options”, “Controls” and “Supported Sounds” documentation that your saber uses based on the config you built. This is intended for both users and installers so that you can easily use your saber without having to hunt for information.

  3. I’ve built in additional logic to let the tool read your BladeConfig code. This allows the tool to determine how many blades and/or any BladeID or Blade Detect set up you have so that you can it can set up your presets correctly.

  • You still need a valid BladeConfig from your installer or other source. This tool still cannot verify the BladeConfig is correct, it is merely reading what you paste into it to decipher blades and CONFIGARRAY. If you do not have a valid BladeConfig you will need to get or create one.
  1. The tool can be used for either OS6 or OS7 configs AND is intended to let you come back in the future to easily update a config to a new version. So if you start with an OS6 config you can come back in the future and easily convert it to OS7.
  • NOTE: you can’t go backwards easily, just like in the OS. We can move from older to newer OS easily but if you have an OS7 config you would need to completely rebuild it if you tried to go backwards to OS6, the same is true of this tool. However, if you set up an OS7 config you will be able to easily update to OS8 down the line :wink:
  1. I’ve added a built-in previewer based on Fredrik’s Style Editor, this will let you see the style(s) in each preset in case you forget which you’ve already added.
  • You cannot edit the style in this tool, you would do so in Style Editor or my Library and then paste updated code into the tool. The previewer is only to see what each style looks like and some basic controls for previewing.
  1. There’s actually a bunch more features built in and coming, but I have to do demos and explanations on them, so keep an eye on this space as there’s still more come…

In the interim, please feel free to start using and testing.


I’ve tested and noticed that I can’t put the directory slashes on the Font section. I use a directory by creator and a subdirectory for the actual font.

Also needs to add BLADE_ID_TIMES.

OK, I’ve allowed for “/” in font name

Added, however couldn’t find info on a range so it’s currently set to allow 5 to 50, if there’s a specific range I just need to update.

You’ll need to refresh page to get update, should say “v2.01” at top now.

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It’s how many bladeID scans to do and get the average.
50 might be a bit intrusively high.
FWIW, 10 worked in testing. Maybe max ~15?

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OK, switched the field to a max of 15.


Fantastic Fett! I have used it a few times now and each time I am able to make a config that matches a non-Config Helper created Config. This is a wonderful quality of life tool.

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Thanks, great to hear. Still working on a few more updates to make things even easier.

Hello there!

Newbie question… when I am using the function option to define blade styles, can I pass the blade color as an argument? Example:

using OriginalTrilogyGreen = 

Preset presets[] = {{ "font0;common",  "font0/tracks/track.wav",StylePtr<OriginalTrilogyGreen>("0,255,0").....

Thanks and MTFBWY!

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In OS7, you can BUT it needs to be Rgb16 values like “0,65535,0”.

The next upgrade to the tool will provide an interface for these :wink:

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If we build a style that has multiple options, can we pass those option values as well?

Like Ignition Effect, Retraction Effect, etc.

I imagine having one master style that gets used for multiple fonts, with different options. Having those options defined on a per style basis in the config, instead of risking wiping them out of the save files after configuring everything.

Yes, the format of the string is the same as in presets.ini, but without the “builtin X Y” part.

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Yes, all of the Arguments can now be used in the config for this exact usage :wink:

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This could use some Documentation

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I have an interface coming to this tool that will make it much easier to see and set up as well.

Thanks. I had searched “arg” and got nothing, although I remember seeing that page.

You could have found it by looking it up in the ProffieOS 7.x documentation thread. :slight_smile:
Feel free to improve it though.
It could use some examples with multiple arguments, and maybe some examples of how to copy arguments from an ini file into a configuration (or vice versa)

I’m also adding support for all this stuff in the style editor btw. :slight_smile:


Here’s an example that seems to work.

  "65535,0,0 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 0,65535,0 ~ 0,65535,0 0,65535,0"

I was hoping to be able to do something like the following to make it more human readable, but from what I can tell, that’s not possible. Will definitely work for making a complex style and reusing it multiple times.

  "65535,0,0 "  // BASE_COLOR_ARG = 1, // Primary Base Color
  "~ "  //ALT_COLOR_ARG = 2, // Alternate or Force Color (free-use)
  "~ "  //STYLE_OPTION_ARG = 3, // Style Option
  "~ "  //IGNITION_OPTION_ARG = 4, // Ignition Options
  "~ "  //IGNITION_TIME_ARG = 5, // used in IgnitionTime alias
  "~ "  //IGNITION_DELAY_ARG = 6, // Ignition Delay Time
  "0,65535,0"  //IGNITION_COLOR_ARG = 7, // Ignition "Power Up" Color
  "~ "  //IGNITION_POWER_UP_ARG = 8, // Ignition "Power Up" Options
  "0,65535,0"  //BLAST_COLOR_ARG = 9, // Blast Color

Hence the interface Fredrik is building into the Editor and I’m working on for this tool :wink:.

You can comment if you want but the value needs to be in the “” for it be read.

("65535,0,0 "  // BASE_COLOR_ARG 
  "~ "  // ALT_COLOR_ARG