Alpha Testing - New ProffieOS Config Helper Tool

EDIT: this is an outdated thread and older version of the tool, see here for new version and thread = ProffieOS6 & 7 Config Helper Tool v.2

This is still in development but I have it to a point where some testing might be helpful to find any bugs or issues.

I notice a lot of users have difficulties or issues with their configs or are not fully aware of all of the defines and features available so I’ve designed this tool to “help” with setting up (or updating) a config.
I also find even the most seasoned users aren’t fully aware of all of the available features, defines or capabilities so this tool is designed to show everything you can do in your config to further customize and enhance your saber experience. This tool will easily walk you through all of the various features, options and set up of your config.

Originally, this was meant to be a new tool for OS7 but I decided to prove out the concept and get the kinks worked out on OS6. If you test please reply to this thread with any bugs or issues you encounter so I can look.


This tool is awesome! I needed to put together a config for my Pach Store Proffie Hearts so I figured I’d give it a try. Came out with several errors, though.

Config File:

Compilation Errors:
Output Report

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Thanks, yup typo in the code missed a comma (the very thing it was meant to help users with :rofl: )

That should be fixed but there’s probably more things that will pop up so please post as you find. You’ll need to refresh the page to get the updated script.

Hi Fett263,

the compilation errors are here.

the config is here

What does the top of the site say? This looks like the same version from previous report. If the main title doesn’t say “Alpha Testing v1.1” at top you need to refresh your page.

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v1.2 now active with additional options. The top of the page should now say “Alpha Testing - v1.2” if it doesn’t just refresh the page to get latest update.

aah cool. that’s working great. for that one,

I added some more presets and get this error.

Error message


Made another attempt on 1.2.

Config output

Compile Errors

I’m not getting that quotation mark.

Where are you pasting the style code from in your presets?

I’m 99.9% certain you introduced the quotation marks to the style code somehow as I have not been able to recreate and there is no code that would add in this tool. The style code comes direct from the input fields as-is.
Neither the Library “Get Style Code” nor Editor “Copy” buttons produce quotation marks so my guess is you grabbed from somewhere or added somehow.
Anyway, I pushed up v1.3 which will remove quotation marks from styles just in case there’s some original source that I’m not aware of that adds. Just refresh to get v1.3 update (Title of page should be “Alpha Testing - v1.3” now.

Odd. I took those from the Library using “Get Style Code”, pasted in the config helper, and then copied and pasted from config helper into an excel table to avoid having to recreate it all, then refreshed to the new version of config helper, then copied and pasted from the excel spreadsheet into the updated editor.

After testing again, it is definitely an Excel “feature” when you copy a cell, as opposed to copying text within a cell. In my haste and 2AM delirium I didn’t notice. 1.3 does get rid of the quotes.

Gotcha, yeah pasting into something with formatting could cause problems. I can handle the quotations but if an intermediary program applies other formatting or changes the tool wouldn’t be able to fix. I added a note to the tool.

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added some more presets and get this error.

Error message


I think you pasted the new config inside the existing or previous one. The tool can’t output the config you posted. Be sure you select all or delete all before pasting new config into your .h file.

Actually, spoke too soon, I think I see what happened, if you generate twice it wasn’t clearing out the old one. v1.4 fixes this, just refresh your browser.

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awesome, that’s working great. which patterns do you need testing? I tried to do most of the options.

Not actually sure, I’ve done basic run throughs on everything, it’s actual use that would produce things that weren’t considered or accounted for yet.

Was than an issue you needed me to look at or did you figure it out?

I’ve added a bunch more functionality to the Config Helper Tool to make customizing and updating your Proffieboard even easier.
In addition, to walking through every define and option for our board and simplifying the Presets set up, v1.5 will now compile your config for use in Fredrik’s Web Programmer tool which allows you to Program your Proffieboard without Arduino (or you can generate a full config and upload through Arduino for those who prefer).
The Config Tool now also produces customized documentation based on your selections:

  • Style Options you’ve selected from the Library for editing and use.
  • Buttons and Controls based on the prop and defines
  • Supported Sound Files
    This will allow you to fully customize your saber AND get a custom “user manual” all in one place.

Try it out here: Fett263 Proffieboard Config Helper