Alpha Testing - New ProffieOS Config Helper Tool

This is fantastic, @Fett263.

My default config had BLADE_DETECT_PIN 17 defined. What should I choose on your config helper for Blade Detect Pin?

I haven’t come across that in the documentation, I’d have to add it.
@profezzorn is there a list of available pins for BladeDetect?
I built based on this document

Got it. Not a big deal, obviously, since it can be easily changed in the output. However, I believe it is the default for Sabertrio, as this is the second Sabertrio I’ve seen that is 17, and 2 others I know have confirmed the same.

All pins that are hooked up directly to the CPU can be used for blade detect, so data pins, button pins and RX/TX.

Ok, I’ll expand the list, thanks.

No problem, I’ll expand the dropdown to handle all possible pins.

Ok, updated dropdown to include all possible pins (I think). You’ll just need to refresh the page to get update.

Cheers! That’s a hell of an SLA for an open-source response.


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Works great!!

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Hi Fett! I’ve tried your tool and can’t find how to generate two things:

  1. The defintion of shared power lines for NeoPixels. When doing Blade ID you need to specify all the MOSFET that feed those lines.
#define ENABLE_POWER_FOR_ID PowerPINS<bladePowerPin2, bladePowerPin3> 
  1. I put an SMD resistor between Data 1 and 3.3V so I can poll the “true” resistor value in Blade ID.
#define BLADE_ID_CLASS ExternalPullupBladeID<bladeIdentifyPin, 22770>

Another issue is that I have more presets than presetneopxl and presetnoblade. I use one stricly for charging modules, another for illuminated bladeplugs and fifth one for Shtok’s NPXL-TriCree adapter. All those need different style definitions than normal blades and no blades. That info is actually in the Blades definition, but even being able to manually add more blades preset, would help me enormously.

I haven’t used and never ran across those in documentation when researching the defines so they’re not there. Not sure how easy or hard they’ll be to add or when I’ll have a chance to look but I’ll see about them at some point.

Additionally, you’re setup is not a typical beginner use case, which is whom the tool is geared toward assisting.
You’re at like DEFCON 3 on the build complexity level meter.
(DEFCON scale goes from 5 (normal) to 1 (nuclear war))

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Fett has just explained in this thread, that if you use this tool, you get a printout of all the saber commands for the user. I do installs for friends and have not touched Battle Mode (in fact, have never configured anything but the saber.h prop), because I don’t want to deal with explaining it to them. But if this tool allowed to make a nice printout of all the commands, I would more than gladly enable all the bells and whistles since I can send them to RTFM. :rofl:

Ah. I usually just direct people to read the instructions already included right in the prop file itself, but I see now it tailors the output to be " based on the defines selected in the tools.
That’s cool.

Yeah, it’s intended to help “as many users or installers as possible” so I’ll certainly look at the missing defines.

For your purposes, those defines don’t actually affect controls so you could still use the tool to generate the config and print outs for Controls, Styles, Sound, etc. but then just add them in before you upload. Those do appear to be more obscure defines but I’ll try to get them in when I have a chance.

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I can add the obscure defines with no problem. I don’t know about the multiple presets in general. But I can add those presets myself, too. So it’s quite useful as it is.

Working well so far.

I wanted to add a basic save so I can start up where I left off in my presets.

Can you add a check box for #define SAVE_STATE as an alternative to the well documented #define KEEP_SAVE_FILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING please?

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SAVE_PRESET got lumped in with ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS, I have moved it out separately. Just refresh to see it.

SAVE_STATE is actually just a combination of the ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS defines
with SAVE_PRESET added, so it’s not actually used in the tool to avoid confusion.

If you want to select/delect the other save/dynamic options simply uncheck ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS and they will appear individually and you can pick and choose which ones you want, but checking ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS automatically selects them all anyway (except for SAVE_PRESET) :wink:

So I was really looking for SAVE_PRESET to just bookmark where I am when I power down.

Unchecking ENABLE_ALL_EDIT_OPTIONS in the Congfig Helper works great. SAVE_STATE is something I see I don’t really need.


Oops, just had to push a fix to the script so the define actually gets into the CONFIG_TOP. Just refresh again and it should work now.

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