Proffieboard Part Map

Here’s an updated Part Map for both sides of the V2.2 Proffieboard.
Pairs nicely with the BOM here:

and this existing partial page of descriptions:

Maybe @profezzorn will get a chance someday to add some more descriptions, maybe swap in this image, etc… :wink:


The partmap I have was originally designed to focus on parts around the edges, because those are most commonly messed up by users.

Here is a few more helpful descriptions of what things do:

  • U0 - main cpu, does everything
  • U2 - motion chip
  • U1 - amplifier
  • U3 - booster
  • L1 - booster coil
  • Q7 - dual pFET, used to control current to SD card and as reverse-current protection for most of the board. (Except for Q1-Q6)
  • Y1 - clock crystal (together with C7/C8)
  • RN4 - usb protection resistors
  • U40 - usb ESD protection diodes
  • RN3 - i2c pullup resistors

Great, thanks. Started a Wiki page because … why not?


So, I have heard mentions of a ProffieBoard v3.7… So, is that still in BETA/DEV? Will that specify the use of USB-C for data and / or charging? What other incredible advancements might it also entail? Does the move in the industry to SoC’s make a difference for ProffieBoard? Bluetooth as a standard part of the board? I am curious because, well I am curious… LOL.

It’s been sort of put on hiatus due to parts shortages. Beta boards were sent out and have been tested.


I figured as much, but my curiosity was aroused, and I am just excited for what a new version of ProffieBoard could mean for even more interesting sabers and other props.

For us grunts, the main thing is more storage space for flashing the config.

More information about the V3 board can be found here:


@profezzorn. Sourcing alternates for main Q1-6 FETs.

Do both of these look acceptable as substitutes?
Links TO PARTS here:
Sub 1:
Sub 2:

And for Q7

Sub 1:
Sub 2:

Those are screenshots. I’m not reading that.
Give me links to the parts instead.

Ah, those tinurls seems to be links to the parts.
Please don’t do that, it makes it impossible to know if they are links to the screenshots, parts or rickrolls.

DMT6008LFG-7 looks like a reasonable replacement for DMG7430LFG-7, AON6414A is not (too big)
DMP2065UFDB-7 and DMP2160UFDB-7 both look like reasonable replacements forDMP2075UFDB-7

Great, thanks.

Please beware that “looks like a reasonable replacement” isn’t a guarantee. They are likely to work fine, but it is entirely possible that I missed something important while reviewing the data sheets.

FYI I found that Newark prices and availability are better than Digikey and Mouser.

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LOL ESPECIALLY that rick rolling part.