Something like Tangible font selection for proffie?

I have a build I would like to do with proffie, but a requirement for the install is to have a removable crystal that will change the function of the saber. This would be utilizing the Goth3Design grand master chassis for vintasge graflex flash cells, there is already a selected connector with 6 connection points (3 for a neopixel).

Ideally this would change to a specific sound font or folder of sorts with the removal or insertion of the crystal. Is there a method that could be used to achieve this on proffie?

BladeDetect would allow this, if you wired a detect pin for the crystal

or BladeID

So put the crystal on data pad 1 with a 100k resistor to use blade ID to trigger blade detect and just put the main blade for this build on any other data pad. Am I understanding this correctly?

It’s also possible to hook up an RFID reader to the serial port, then put RFID chips in the crystals. (Or use savi crystals) and use that to select presets.
The code is already there, and has been tested, but I don’t know if anybody has actually put it in a saber yet.

Blade ID won’t let you trigger changes immediately.
By default Blade ID is only scanned when the saber boots up.
You would need a button or something that triggers when the crystal is inserted.
This button can be hooked up to the blade detect pin, which would then trigger blade ID to be re-scanned.
If you only have one crystal, you don’t need blade ID, only blade detect.

so, it might help to see it in action. This is a video link to the install with a CFX using tangible font selection to change to a different font thus changing the led config. I am looking for a similar effect or a way to simulate this.

You would need blade ID AND blade detect for this.
Or, you can use RFID.

so this seems to be the smallest RFID reader. Would this work? and if not was there anything that was sourced as a potential RFID reader for a saber?

I don’t know if that one will work or not.
It’s likely that it can work with some code modifications.

The one I used looks like this:

Seems to be still available.
You’ll need an antenna for it though, like maybe something like this:

You’ll need to add #define RFID_SERIAL Serial3, and an array like this to your config file:

This maps RFIDs to commands. These commands could potentially do anything, but “change_preset” is probably the one you want.

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And if you are making your own crystals, you’ll need the actual RFID tags, something like this:

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this is extremely helpful! thank you very much.

We aim to please. :slight_smile:

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would a sticker tag work?!EUR!€%205%2C51!3%2C68%20€!!!!!%40211b446416721763346881287e765c!12000029943207960!btf&_t=pvid%3Af3dc0247-2bd1-423f-b8c4-a6c45b2958d2&afTraceInfo=1005004641416126__pc__pcBridgePPC__xxxxxx__1672176335&spm=a2g0o.ppclist.product.mainProduct&gatewayAdapt=fra2usa4itemAdapt&_randl_shipto=US

In theory, yes, but these particular stickers work at a completely different frequency than the reader above and the savi crystals, which only works at 125kHz.

okay, ill find the right ones and test them out =) thank you for all of your attention! Ill be sure to keep you updated on the project.

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The removable crystal has been done with proffie using the detect and ID features. Knowing the Goth GMM chassis you are talking about there is not going to be room to stuff in the RFID reader, antenna, and the tag in the crystals.

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nope, not for any already existing chassis =)