RFID Integration with Savi's Workshop Saber?

Hello there!

I’m new to this particular saber forum, as well as Proffie boards in general. I am not, however, completely new to building sabers. On to my question.

I am upgrading a Savi’s Workshop lightsaber to be a modern neopixel lightsaber, and I am wanting to keep the RFID funtionality of the saber with the original crystals. I have acquired a RFID reader board (2PCS RFID 125kHz MINI Embedded ID card reader module UART or Wg26 Interface | eBay) which I have wired to the RX port of the soundboard and attached the original saber’s RFID reader antenna to. It seems that no matter what I do, it will not detect the crystal. I have based my altered code off of the example listed here: Something like Tangible font selection for proffie? - #9 by profezzorn

I guess my question is twofold:

  1. How would I know if the soundboard is getting any data from the RFID reader?
  2. Is there any way to see the raw data that the RFID reader is receiving so that I can put a crystal in while hooked up to the debugger, note down the hexadecimal value of the crystal, and assign that crystal a profile through the saber config file?

Thanks for reading!


RFID codes that pass the CRC check should show up in the serial monitor.
You can get the raw output by using the command monitor serial.

I assume you also gave the RFID reader power? (hook it up to BATT+ or 3.3v, not the 5v pad)

Have you tried plugging in a LED to pad 4 on the reader? It should blink when something is scanned.

I haven’t tried it with the antenna from the savi, so there could be an incompatibility there.

I think I figured it out. I got it working.

I believe the problem was that I did not scrape off the coating from the antenna wire where I soldered it to the board. It works perfectly now with the original Savi’s Workshop coil. Thank you!