ProffieOS 7.11

Ok, I made a ProffieOS 7.11 zip, it is exactly the same as 7.10, plus the following fixes:

  • Fett263: Bug fixes for FETT263_SAVE_GESTURE_OFF, fix for TWIST_RIGHT and LEFT preventing Drag and Melt
  • BC_buttons: No lockups in CC mode, vol menu fix, fix twist on, spoken battery level tweaks, remove twist to change preset
  • TouchButton fixes for PB3

If you have a moment, download it and give it a quick try, then drop a comment here. Once I have a few positive replies I’ll link it on my site and github.

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The link doesn’t appear to be working.

Link didn’t work for me either.

Fixed, try it now.

Working now, thanks. Will load it up this weekend.

OS7.11 and updates to my prop work as expected. Didn’t test BC stuff and don’t have touch buttons.

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No worries, I just want a sanity check or two. :slight_smile:

Downloaded. Now to start the homework. :+1:

BC buttons all good.

Used it last night after Fernando helped me with my colourcycle direction. (Subbladereverse - so obvious can’t believe I missed it! LOL!). 7.11 all working fine for me so far with SA22C buttons.

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Officially moved over to OS 7.11 as of last night to begin using the new alt font options. Nothing showing as odd of or weird with the OS so far. The baselining done to make things jive with the Sabertrio hilts, OLED stuff etc all works good too. With that I don’t see any issues with the other hilts I work on but will report back if I do. :+1:


*Can we cue the 7-11 memes and quips yet? :wink:

Ok, ProffieOS 7.11 is now officially the latest ProffieOS release.
Updated my site and github.


Where are the change logs and/or details into new defines?

7.11 is a minor release, which means there are only bugfixes, no new features and no new defines.
The changelog can be found in the top post, and on github under “releases”.
All new features, (which is not that many yet) will be incorporated into 8.x when that is released.

See ProffieOS Documentation: Version Numbers for more info.

Thanks. In this case, if I have yet to get to know a few defines that have come since 7.7, where can I easily and quickly review those?

There are no new defines since 7.7, which was the first stable 7.x release.
There will be no new defines in any 7.x releases going forward.
Generally when time the second number changes, it’s only bug fixes. *
When the first number changes, new features are added.

  • Before 7.x became stable, it was in alpha and beta stage, some new features were added, but not many.

Appreciate that, and the link to version documentation earlier. Will you be updating the defines on the Wiki?

I’ve noticed an occasional error in the playing of the no blade and blade disconnect sound on multiple hilts (not just the S3 stuff) where the font pack sound won’t play and all you get is the “factory” beep. The times it’s happened is after the board has gone to sleep for more than a day or the kill switch has been used. Looking at serial monitor gives no clues as it only shows it looking for a sound in the font folder, not seeing it, and just the beep playing instead. Didn’t have this with 7.7. Sample of the config is here and I can dm @profezzorn a copy of my SD contents in case I did something weird or incorrectly integrated alt-font.

The wiki is no longer updated, and will be going away at some point.
Please use the POD page instead:

(The POD is also a wiki, if you find something wrong, you can edit it.)

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This sounds like maybe it’s having problems with getting the SD card to work?
I don’t think I’ve made any changes to either SD card access or blade ID code, so I’m not sure what’s going on here.

Might be worth trying the in-between versions to see exactly when the problem started, also the experimental arduino-plugin 3.7 may potentially help.