ProffieOS7 Style Library - (Phase 1 Public Access) Q & A Thread

In Phase 1 there are several depending on what you’re selecting (I don’t recall them all). In Phase 2 there are a lot more coming.

Do you know if/which sounds are triggered by next phase and previous phase?

If using Multi-Phase or Kyber Select (Special Ability) it uses altchnge, sounds are listed in the Style Information section of the code generated when applicable :wink:


*This style REQUIRES Alt Fonts alt000/ to alt001/ to be set up. Uses altchng.wav on change.

Oof. Reading is fundamental. Thanks for your help! I’m looking forward to digging into Phase 2 when it launches.

No worries, the Style Information section should always contain as much info as possible so be sure to read through (that’s one of the parts that’s taken a lot of work to get set up). That’s why that comment section is generated and needs to stay with the style code. It is ignored by the compiler so it does not affect FLASH memory but it is very important for setting up your config and using the styles, especially as more of the new features are added.

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Let me know when or if it’s possible to do the same thing as with the Jedi Survivor blade (alt font w special abilities) for the Clone Wars and Live Action Darksaber. I got a popup saying it’s not supported (yet). :wink:

The alert is telling you something, kinda need to know what that is if you want help or clarification.

I tried to get the exact popup to show again but it won’t now. The steps I took were just beginning to build out the blade in multi phase, selecting Multi Blade (Special Abilities*), selecting Clone Wars Darksaber, then leaving that as the base color. From there select the Live Action Dark Saber and set it to be alt color. Test it on the library’s Style Editor, see that I need to change the base color to silver so I chose silver/grey from the top level of color blocks, and then did the same for the alt color. I left all the effect stuff as-is since they’re the same as the Survivor blade and what it does build ends up having the bladestyle go from Dark Saber into a white blade. What’s odd is that if I don’t select the live action Darksaber and just leave the preselected Unstable Rage blade things work for Clone Wars Darksaber to Unstable Rage. The same if I select a Fire Blade. Maybe it won’t choose live action Darksaber properly?

Here’s the result trying for both Darksabers. I’ll keep messing with it and if I can get the popup to show I’ll post that for ya.

/* copyright Fett263 CustomBlade (Primary Blade) OS7 Style
OS7.11 v1.016-p
Single Style 
Multi Phase (Special Abilities*)
Default: Clone Wars Darksaber [BaseColorArg]
1: Live Action Darksaber (Hyper-Responsive) [AltColorArg]

Multi Phase Control: use Special Abilities controls to change Phase. Requires Alt Font. 

NOTE:This style includes Control Layer. Only one Control Layer should be used per preset.

*This style REQUIRES Alt Fonts alt000/ to alt001/ to be set up. Uses altchng.wav on change.
See for more information.
--Effects Included--
Ignition Effect: Standard Ignition [Color: IgnitionColorArg]
Retraction Effect: Standard Retraction [Color: RetractionColorArg]
Lockup Effect: Intensity Lockup V1, Begin Effect: Real Clash, End Effect: Full Blade Absorb [Color: LockupColorArg]
LightningBlock Effect: Responsive Lightning Block [Color: LBColorArg]
Drag Effect: Intensity Sparking Drag [Color: DragColorArg]
Melt Effect: Intensity Melt [Color: StabColorArg]
Blast Effect: Blast Wave (Random) [Color: BlastColorArg]
Clash Effect: Real Clash V1 [Color: ClashColorArg]
Special Ability 1: Next Phase 
Special Ability 2: Previous Phase 
Special Ability 3: Select Random Phase 
Special Ability 4: Toggle Swing Change Uses tr.wav #0 on toggle


Not sure I follow, if the library is producing the style code AND the style code works, what’s the issue? If you have an issue I need the details of what the site is telling you -or- what you did, if it’s working there’s nothing for me to look at.

Let’s keep this thread to detailed issues or usage questions I don’t have time to chase things that are already working.

The Live Action Darksaber bladestyle appears different. It plays a flickering or pulsing blade.

As to the other part, It’s not giving the pop up note anymore so that’s solved.

what doesn’t work? Both styles above work perfectly fine for me. The Live Action Darksaber effect is not the same as the animated series, watch the demo video for how it should look.

Ahhh. That explains it. My bad. You went canon visual for the live action version of the bladestyle.


SOLVED: The Live Action Darksaber is a different visual than the animated series version.

Sure, let’s leave this thread to things that aren’t working, like the code won’t generate or you get a compile error, if the library is producing code that uploads it’s doing it’s job and there’s nothing for me to look at. If you get a pop up it’s because I programmed it to prompt you about something, it took a long time to program all of the possible combos so maybe take a minute and read what the pop up says in the future, in every case it’s telling you to make some selection or fix what you did wrong and if you do it then it will produce the code for you.

Yessir. Again, thanks. RTFI firmly ingrained going forwards.

ProffieOS7 Style Library Live Discussion - Tonight (10/5) 9:00pm EST

Join me for a discussion on Phase 1 now that it is available for public access and the introduction of Phase 2 of my Style Library for my Early Access Patrons.
I’ll be reviewing Phase 1 for those not familiar and discussing some of the new features, capabilities and interfaces for Phase 2’s Early Access including:

  • New styles and recipes
  • Interactive Preons
  • Interactive Blast
  • New Lockup, Lightning Block, Melt and Drag capabilities
  • New Special Abilities
  • Future Updates
    and more!
    I’ll also try to answer questions on Phase 1 or 2 as they come in.

Does the new style library not offer the base colours that OS6 one does? You had some quick and easy standard blade colours like silver and gold to choose from.

It has ALL of them, watch the Recommended videos at the top for how to use the new interfaces :wink:

Definitely watch the videos. He covers the entire lesson(s) on the changes in a really great way.

Ah yeah… It’s the little colour wheel icon. If I may make a UI suggestion, flip the colour block and wheel icon functions, since most people will just want the quick access (ie reaching for the bigger button) and have the colour picker as the wheel (since it is a closer approximation of the function).

The “big” icon IS the color input, it’s an html object (same as Style Editor). The “color wheel” icon is a menu that preloads the “named” sounds into the color input. I can see if there’s a different icon I can use but not sure when I’ll get to it, I still have a lot of work on my plate. TBH, just hover over objects or click on them if you’re not sure what they do, it’s all pretty self explanatory if you try it.