Proffie is not being detected by my compuuter after ERASE PAGE fails the config at 2%

I’m replacing the data cable. but my proffie board isn’t being picked up. is there and easy way to see which micro usb are data cables?

Look for the USB symbol.
In theory, only USB-IF certified cables have the USB symbol. In practice, some crap cables still have the USB symbol even if they aren’t supposed to.

Also, you’re probably going to need to do the BOOT+RESET thing to get your computer to be able to see your Proffieboard. There won’t be a port when you do that though.

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they all had the usb symbol on both ends. though they were ALL several years old from our older samsung phones so a new one did not come unwarranted. I’ll boot and reset but the chassis has though covered. I’ll wait for the new usb to come in and retest it. is it normal that the power button not working though after a failed upload at 2%?

Yes, a failed upload usually means that nothing works until you do a successful upload.

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My new cable should be in some time this week. looking forward to flashing and uploading the software.

@profezzorn I was wondering is there any way that arduino ide can do a rollback but I guess it can’t cause its overriding the information. not without storing the old config in memory…



I wonder if there is a means to restore on a fail. Like a reset button to factory settings.

Unless your board is damaged, you can always put it in bootloader mode with BOOT+RESET (hold boot, press and release RESET), and from bootloader mode you can always program it from a computer. There is no other (supported) recovery method from bad programming.

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It was the cable. Thanks for the assist.