How to back up a proffieboard

If you want to backup the program that is on your Proffieboard, you can do so by going here:

Proffieboard programmer

Connect your proffieboard to your computer with USB and make it go into bootloader mode. (Hold BOOT, press and release RESET, then release BOOT.) If you’re on Windows, you will also need to run Zadig.

Now click connect to connect the programmer to your Proffieboard. Then click “Read”. This will save a file on your computer that is a backup of the programming on the board. Note that this is not a config file and there isn’t a way to tell how the board was configured from the config file.

If you later want to restore the original program on your Proffieboard, you can go back to the page listed above, connect again, then click “Write” and select the file you previously downloaded. This will restore the programming like it was.

Note that some options may be stored on the SD card in ini files, so if you want to preserve those you should make a copy of the files on the SD card as well.


Nifty, thanks!

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this will come in useful thank you

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So does this just dump the contents of the flash ROM?

That is correct.

Ah cool. That’s handy.

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