Uploading to SD card

So I’m trying to upload my config to my SD card through a SD card flashdrive/reader and I can’t get my config contents to upload to my SD card after I put it back in my saber. Is there a certain port that I should be getting other than COM1 cause that’s all that’s appearing for me

Arduino doesn’t upload to the SD card. It compiles the OS + config into machine code and then flashes it to the flash ROM on the Proffieboard. You’re basically updating the firmware on the board with any changes you made. It’s as close to ‘hardwired’ as you can get.

If you’ve set up your firmware to have USB access via the ‘USB Type’ menu, then you will see the SD card mounted on your computer when you plug the board into a USB port via the micro-USB.

The thing is I accidentally tore off the micro USB port on the board itself which is why I’m relying on using a SD card flash drive reader to upload config changes I’ve made

You need to either fix the USB port or swap the board. You can’t do any config changes without connecting to your computer.

Hey i did the same. You can upload but you need dev tools