Ripped off Usb connector

I was on my bed tried to grab something and my usb connection on the board was removed from the board.

So How do I reattach the usb?

Hot air solder station and solder paste mate will be your best bet.

Hot air station is right.
You may also consider getting a better usb connector. The ones I normally use have bigger pads on them which keeps them in place better.

The question is how do I use a hot air rework station. Do I place the usb connector on the board and then apply heat or am I applying heat to the pads and when it’s liquid then apply the connector and wait for it cool?

Also if I have a hot air gun would that suffice?

It’s theoretically possible to do with a hot-air gun, but many things that are possible are not recommended. The lack of control means that you are fairly likely to melt something, blow away some components and/or set something on fire.

A hot-air station, even a very cheap one, offers much better control over temperature and air flow, which helps a lot.

My recommendation would be to buy a little bit of solder paste as well, especially since those pads seem to be low on solder paste. In addition, the solder paste contains all the flux you need.

Then I would carefully add a little bit of solder paste to each pad. Put the usb connector in place, then heat it up until all the solder melts. At this point, try to see if everything is lined up and there are no obvious solder bridges. If it doesn’t look right adjust the usb connector with tweezers, or scrape off a little solder to clear any bridges. Then remove the heat and let it cool. Measure and test. Repeat if necessary. (It often takes me 2-3 attempts to get an USB connector placed right with no bridges.)

A cut-off USB cable is a helpful tool for checking that the connections are good btw.


Much obliged. Looks like my testing is done until I can get this fixed OR I install the other lightsabers.

Will this work?

No, that one needs holes that Proffieboards don’t have.
This is the one I use:

hello there. i had a similar situation. send me a message in messenger for a possible fix. hector ezequiel calzada rodriguez.

This looks similar.

Might be close enough, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It doesn’t look like it would stick to the board very well.

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It’s going to cost $32 I’ll pass

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Does the hot air rework stations have temp and what temp should I use?

Yes. Temperature and fan speed is adjustable (YMMV).
The solder paste you get has a melting point value, so you just match that.
Melting points vary with different solder pastes.

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So I tried to solder the usb connector and added some solder to it but I got scared so I stopped.

Good excuse to buy a hot air solder station?


so, I sent my saber to Jawa’s Junkyard here in australia and he fixed it. works great now. I’m gonna start testing that odd behaviour of the motion detection, but seeing as I’m using 6.7 I foresee whatever was causing the issue would probably have fixed it.


I can now confirm that the 6.7 does NOT have that weirdness happening so that’s good. alas, my usb connector just isn’t secure enough and it’s disconnecting the serial monitor and the Port settings don’t populate.

THOUGH I’m having a lot of fun creating new presets with the edit mode.

So the usb has fallen off again. QUESTION: is there another way to flash the board. Can I wire up the ST-LINK?

I want to say yes, as long as that’s the serial port you select in Arduino.