Unlock_Savefiles app - make .ini file versions for user-friendly editing

I made an easy application to run the unlock_presets_ini.py python script for the average person.
No command line, no python installation, etc…

ProffieOS saves .ini files to the SD card in a format that can be tricky to edit afterwards.
This application is built on on python script that creates a user-friendly version of the .ini that can be edited in any text editor.
This works for any .ini ProffieOS saves (presets, global, curstate, gestures).

Go to the Releases on the right side of the repo page, choose the latest, then click the .zip file to download.
The .zip file contains:

  • MacOS .app
  • Windows .exe
  • Linux executable

Choose your flavor.

Run Unlock_Savefiles and you get prompted to choose the .ini file you are looking to make edits to.
It creates a version without all of the hex “in the way”.

The resulting .ini file is the one you want.
The previous version is renamed .bak, and there’s a .old version of the tmp file.

Please let me know if there’s any issues.
Note* MacOS first run only - Right-click and choose Open, then confirm you want to open it.
It’ll complain that I’m an “Unknown Developer” if you try to open normally by double clicking the .app.

More info on Save File Format can be read here:

Somewhat outdated, but still relevant basic preset editing by hand here:

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FYI. Bitdefender is tagging the file as having a virus and will need to be disabled to download the fie.

Well that’s unfortunate. Clearly I’m not spiking the world with virus so not sure what to say. It’s a simple Windows Executable put together through GitHub actions.

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Could you provide for me the detection name as it appears in your Bitdefender Notification/Events window? From their site:
“Open the main Bitdefender interface, navigate to Notifications/Events and select the event generated by the file in question.”

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Here is the false positive report:
Suspicious activity blocked


C:\Users\jstam\Downloads\Unlock_Savefiles_app.zip tried to load a malicious resource detected as Gen:Variant.Mikey.161374 and was blocked. Your device is safe.

Thanks. Form submitted.
"Thank you for your file submission.

The file has been automatically sent to our laboratories for specialized analysis. If the file is indeed a False Positive, the detection will be removed in the next 72 hours and the modification will be implemented in the product through a Signature Update. Please keep your Bitdefender up-to-date."

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It would be cool if some other users could test it out as well, both platforms.

How do you feel about creating a github repository for this?
I think it would be a nice way to distribute the program, and make for a good permanent location for linking to it. (from the POD site)

Just to keep all records in one place, on my iMac, I have to right-click to open it in order to circumvent the OS’s virus paranoia. Then when it does launch, the icon bounces in the dock a couple of times, then quits itself. :confused:

False virus flagging in Bitdefender corrected! I tested it immediately after an update this morning.

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If I may ask you, open Utilities/Console, choose “system.log” from the left hand column and see if you can get any useful messages from the failed launch. You can filter by searching “Update_Savefiles”. Also, confirming you’re still using OS 10.5 Catalina?

Sure. I’m not looking to get all involved with signing the app , developer IDs and all that though. Straight up .zip file distribution as a “release” should be ok?

Edited top post with the Github link.

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Managed to get this which might be of use:

Dec 18 22:59:28 Unknown-38:c9:86:37:e9:e9 com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (Unlock_Savefiles.22756[99859]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255

And yes, running 10.15.7 Catalina on Late 2015 iMac.

The nice thing about this is that it makes it really easy to make new releases.
All the links can just point to the github page.

This is fantastic! I was using the ini_check.py that Fredrik created to identify which is the most recent .ini file. While that was handy, this takes it to another level. I can report it works as intended on Windows 11 Home Build 22631.2861.

One quick question…is the .exe self-contained, or do I need to keep the “Unlock_Savefiles_v1.0.0.app” folder next to the .exe when running? That seems to be resources for OSX, but do please confirm.

Thank you for your efforts, and happy holidays!

Great, glad to hear it’s working.
The .app is the MacOS version. You can toss it.
The .exe is a self-contained, simple little program.

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Thank you. Will share with some friends this weekend.

Unrelated…Still loving that v1 Vader Voice pack! Did the comparison of v1 vs v2, and while v2 has some great sounds, v1 sounded more authentic to my test group of 3 fans, not including myself.

That’s weird lol.

Added a Linux version (needs testing please) and updated the Mac version to be compatible with older OS versions.
Current Release v1.0.2.

Top post here adjusted.