UNICORN sabers

Like the unicorn this topic is to share YOU’RE ultimate saber. If money was no expense which saber would you get?

To be very honest mine would be this.


With a custom metal Chassis

24mm speaker

Crystal chamber and accent LEDs.

Proffie board

What’s your unicorn saber?

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My unicorn is a screen accurate ESB graflex with a full metal chassis and crystal chamber setup, similar to some of the Master Goth setups. I have the empty hilt and am slowly working towards that goal but it’s gonna take a while.


I already own my unicorn. My day job was slammed so I commissioned this one. Sebastian followed my list of requirements to the letter and it’s exactly what I had envisioned. Swipe the > in the image to scroll through the daytime pics @ https://www.instagram.com/p/CNQRXqkMOqM/

KR Flagship in plain alloy. Blackened and Weathered. Etched Shrouds With My Personalized Logos. Gaffer’s Tape as a nod to how it associates to parts of my resume. Custom “O-Ring” rather than D-Ring I came up with. Proffie V2 Board. 30" Blades both in heavy and show since for me it’s not just a toy. Tweaked Blade Style codes each having my unique touch since the “standard” is :wink: “boring”. Goes perfect with my other hilt.

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Honestly I like that most in the top photo with the longer grip and single blade. What did you use to extend it? Is it just the second hilt handle?

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My Creepy Uncle, installed with Proffieboard and Neopixel. The GOTH eco chassis for this is beautifully engineered.


Yeah, me too, done and weighted right it’s a dream of a longhand. It’s KR’s Flagship coupler. I bought both the brass and alloy versions.
*You need to enter the password “eastereggtsa” while the stores shut down this week but the link to them is https://thesaberarmory.com/products/kr-sabers-krs-v2-flagship-coupler?_pos=2&_sid=d328bd6b5&_ss=r

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I just wish KR sold aftermarket parts for it. I’d love to double up mine with an extra grip section. He could easily do a bunch of different pommels and shrouds and make bank. Would really solidify the Flagship as the go-to hilt. Probably take a decent bite out of Ultrasabers/SF too.

If that’s the case go watch @MegtoothSith Monday live. That’s how unicorn as well and built it.

Though his is an anh build https://youtu.be/eNxxddEcmWI

That’s definitely on the list I wanted to get a KR and have it modified but I found this from an Australian company and I’m getting it acid etched by Pete’s powder emporium.

I’ve chatted w Khal about even making a female pommel to just go onto the end of the coupler so if you’ve two sabers you leave o e as an extended pommel and only end up with a single male pommel end in your pocket. Slightly different grips, a little longer, etc. He knows about that but it’s on a list of other things right now.

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That’s cool.
I would really like a quick disconnect for other saber vendors as well.

*Inter-related, I was all grins when BadRey came out and we got to see the pictures of the dual hilt setup. I immediately recognized the HeraArms SFU swivel. I have one so at some point I’ll make the adapter kit for it. I’m planning on a second alloy hilt, rather than the brass one and this is part of the new Unicorn dream. Hera Arms | Side Folding Unit (SFU)hera_arms_side_folding_unit_sfu_-7

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They’re nice.

An etched brass KR Sabers Flagship always had my attention. Pulled the trigger last year.

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Yeah I was looking at a KR saber to etch as well. But ultimately decided on the incendius cause there are some very cool lines and it is just as nice as a blank canvas. And the emitter is very cool… it was modelled of a WWII GUTLING gun barrel.

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Who etched it?

Carl Danby / Vaults of Valhalla did the etch and the leatherwork.

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NICE, I saw his body of work and Shaun Patterson highly recommended him. but I’ve been eyeing Pete for years and both are comparably good, it’s just that GBP is horrendous with exchange rate v AUD so I’m going with pete’s powder emporium.

TBH, I only went down this rabbit hole because Carl sold the shroud/shield pieces at a discount since they didnt meet his standards. Had the shrouds with no hilt for awhile before deciding to commission a hilt body to go with them. Decided to do an 3d printed Orgus Din esque shroud and “etched” chassis when I finally did the install. Determined to learn etching and do that same shroud is brass.

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My Unicorn: ANH Graflex

This is a TGS Replica with Wannawanga Grips, Double Rivet D-Ring, Wannawanga Bubble Strip. The chassis is Goth-3D Mentor printed mostly in brass with Crystal Chamber parts in Rhodium. It has a Solo’s Hold Deluxe Brass Bladeholder (which I modified heavily for neopixels, because Solos Hold is still thinking in hilts). Shtok Custom Works NXPL Connector. Arkm 7/8 GSB Razor Blade Plug. But the chassis makes this saber. Then you add a Proffie 2.2 into this chassis (RED, eat my shorts Jordan), and the sky was the limit. Oh, not to mention the 40 2020 neopixels added into aft chassis for animations. Every single fet on this proffie is in use, and there are 6 blades? 6 bladestyles in each preset is a PITA, but man the results were so worth it.

This saber wasn’t built overnight. I first ordered the TGS Graflex Gen 2 hilt, and then over time ordered the chassis a few parts at a time, and the bladeholder. Then, once I had all the parts it was another year before I had the time to think about the assembly. But once I began, I set out to make this saber the best I could make it.

Here she blows for those that haven’t seen the pride of my collection: