The complete Proffieboard dev kit

This is a rundown of what I use on my desk to facilitate writing code and test stuff for Proffieboards.

A test rig

The test rig is the most important part. It lets me test things without soldering. It’s basically made up of three parts:

  1. A breakout board (seen to the left of the picture)
  2. A pogo pin adapter
  3. A clamp

Instructions for all of these things can be found here:

Power supply

I use one I found on ebay that can provide up to 20A. It’s not particularly good, but has worked for me for quite a few years. It’s similar to, but not exactly the same as this one:

A battery with a JST connector will also work.

ST-link V2

These are super-cheap USB devices that will let you run a debugger on the proffieboard. It’s a little complicated if you’re not a programmer, but instructions can be found here.


I actually have two on my desk. One AstroAI 6000, and one Siglent 3055. For more multimeter recommendations, see this thread.

Logic Analyzer

In most cases, this is what I use to analyze problems with WS2811 signals and the like. I highly recommend dreamsourcelabs, their stuff is open-source and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg:


I don’t use this as often, but when the problem is analog rather than digital, an USB oscilloscope is super helpful. Again, I use dreamsourcelabs:

Mechanical USB sharing switch

This lets me disconnect/reconnect the board from USB without having to wear out the USB cable:


The hub lets me organize things better, and also protects the computer from any mistakes I make. I like having one with buttons so I can turn things on and off as needed:


In addition to all the stuff above, I have:

  1. a 5W speaker
  2. some OLED displays
  3. SD cards
  4. a 2x8 flat lego piece for pushing boot/reset with
  5. a lamp with a magnifying glass on it
  6. solderless breadboard
  7. solderless breadboard wires
  8. jumpers
  9. A microscope
  10. sd card reader
  11. Plus a whole bunch more stuff that I don’t use very often… :slight_smile:

Very cool setup!

This will help me lol

Thanks for showing your laboratory Prof!