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Just some more clarification if you would.
As StylePOV<>, it can now be used within a bladestyle same as any other “style”, like AudioFlicker<> or Pulsing<> for example?
Therefore, it could be an element of a full blade style (base blade color, or an effect like clash) with extension/retraction/effects?

yes and yes

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Sick. Maybe a cool image set as a SwingSpeed color will be awesome!

It could definitely be cool.
I imagine it being hard to create the desired image, when the orientation of the board has to be correct to do so.

At least for me the USB side of the Proffie had to face away from the camera to achieve the correct image. USB facing camera would be mirrored, and anything in between more or less garbled.

      /\  /* camera */

   (  ---  )===============   /* --- is proffie inside hilt, sd side  facing camera, usb side facing X*/
       X  /* position of guy swinging */

I’m thinking large chunky detail, nothing like readable.

That could of course work.

This could still be pretty nice with a readable image, when you do something like an “obi-ani” and capture it. Of course with the wrist and hilt twisting, rotating and turning the final capture might look uglier than what you would expect :smiley:

I’m thinking of creating another style that works kind of like StylePOV, but instead of caring about the angle, it would just continuously keep track of how far the blade has moved and keep increasing the POV angle. (This is what smoothswing keeps track of when to switch between high and low.)

A style like that could be used to add texture to a blade and would always work, regardless of how you hold the blade.


ooo would it be possible to load 2 data images, POVh POVl and just be visual smoothswing pairs?

I was briefly tempted to ask if something like that would be possible, but deemed it probably too much work for a niche thing like that. Especially because I couldn’t imagine on how to determine a starting point. But with repeating itself over and over again, it might be irrelevant.
That would definitely be interesting to try out.

now that would look awesome.
is this the next generation of responsive blade effects i wonder?

Now we have ContinousPOV<> that just keeps repeating the POV over and over and doesn’t care about which way you hold the hilt.

It is not yet possible to load two POV images.

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Do we have any idea what to check on as far as what might cause blips of image while blade is off (specifically when clashed)?

No, I would have to try it.
Does that happen with &style_pov, or with StylePOV<> or both?

testing now. ContinuousPOV class in pov.h is missing a ‘u’.

Should be fixed now.

Oh, ok. So no blipping now, because they’re just always on, which makes sense for StylePOV<> and ContinuousPOV<> if no InOut layer is masking them.
So should &style_pov go back to being “on with blade” like it used to be? Or just leave it like it is because…it’s kinda fine like this? Maybe that’s where the issue was: off state of &style_pov wasn’t laying black over, clash detection made motion sensors jump all around, so some blips?

I think I’m seeing this.
The image is mirrored when swinging the opposite direction.
In other words it’s drawing the left edge where the motion starts and flipping when direction reverses?

Also, I can confirm this works as an element in a style.
I just had images on the swings with a standard base blade :slight_smile:


Are you using ContinuousPOV<> ?

Hmm. I had ContinuousPOV as a standalone style in a preset, which is when I noticed the mirroring on reversal (Star Wars Logo).
Then I did StylePOV in the SwingSpeed example which was harder to make out (mostly a bunch of yellow but that’s a size adjustment probably)

But it’s cool!

I think ContinousPOV is more useful with patterns.
I might have to make it so that it can handle RGBA images though.
(A for alpha) so that the pattern can decide which parts should be transparent.)

Although it would be really funny to make it so that when you swing your saber, it say POW, BIFF, ZOK, like an old batman episode. :slight_smile: