Star wars themed badges?

So discourse has all these badges. I was thinking that it would be cool to replace the icons with Star Wars themed icons. However, I could use some help fiding a good set of icons, and also figure out which icon/character/whatever should map to which discourse badge. It’s also possible to create custom badges based on many criteria, so if ideas for new badges are also welcome.

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I should also say that if someone wants to make icons, that would be cool too.

Ok, first idea: We’ll replace all of this icon: certificate (1)

With a stylized “medal of yavin” icon.
I don’t supposed anybody has a medal of yavin SVG?


this sounds like a great idea.
i will have a look through what i have to see if anything is suitable.

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What type of icons where you after specifically @profezzorn ?

Medal of Yavin SVG?
Maybe I’m not understanding the question?

Sorry I might have been a bit vague.
I ment what types of medal icons were you after?
I have plenty of the typical stuff to do with starwars eg death star, millennium falcon, r2d2… that type of stuff.
Or did you mean actual medals from the starwars saga?

I meant the thing that Luke and Han are wearing:

Apparently it’s called “Medal of Yavin”.

Better picture:

Searched for a png

Put it through a free online vectorizer (

It’s not perfect and the pay vectorizers look cleaner at the edges. But it is a start.

Here, you can try these png’s…i made them in various colors (Silver, bronze, gold) to identify different levels of membership.

The PNGs are quite good. I just need to put them through gimp to make the background transparent.

The Png’s are already transparent background

Ah, well it looks like discourse has converted the PNGs into jpegs.
Maybe dropbox them instead?

Hows this? Did it let you download them ok? (you can click on these images to take you to dropbox link, once on that dropbox link …right click on the image and select “download image as…”

Heres a few more generalized StarWars badges/Seals

Ok, I downloaded, cropped, squared, centered, scaled and exported these as webp, ending up with a 20kb file instead of 100kb file, and now I 've replaced all of the sun-shaped badges and replaced them with the medal of Yavin. Check it out.

The empire/jedi/rebel icons are great, but I’m not sure what particular badges I would use them for.

The new Yavin badges look cool!

The empire/jedi/rebal icons could be used for people who don’t want to upload their own profile pic, but they can choose one of these optional icons to “take a side” and use as their profile pic maybe?

Actually, I have an idea for how to use the Seals.
Is there a sith seal as well?

Here ya go…