Something is coming (Proffieboard V3)

More news will appear in this thread shortly!
Stay tuned, same bat time, same bat channel!


The ultimate cliff hanger! :smiley: But how long will we be hanging is the question! :thinking: :slightly_smiling_face:

You tease.

I’m betting on 3.7 (or 3.8) being released for May 4th.

So how much are you betting?
What are the odds?
Can I get in on it?

That’s inside trading! But for you, a standing offer for your chose of home made pasta, pizza or barbecue with fine wine and lots of sabers when and if you come to Buenos Aires.

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Friends or family excluded. Check the fine print!

Well I can confirm one thing:

May 4th is coming. :slight_smile:

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Just when I thought I was getting caught up to current

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Wait a second, @profezzorn do you mean


This is in fact when it’s coming!

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I have a good feeling about this.

I’m going to make some predictions…

  • Proffie ESP is released.
  • ProffieBoard is going closed-source, pay-for-code commercial license.
  • Profezzorn has lost tenure, so it’s not longer “professor” and now it’s freelancerzzor. Hence Freelanzboard and FreelanzOs.
  • Announcement of ProffieMega… 109 GPIOs, 15 FETs, built-in permanent li-ion pouch cell, 9-axis accelerometer, all in a compact 39mm x 210mm package. Removable daughtercard that includes dual OLED displays (for POV-based VR display… hold saber up to your eyes, see the future).
  • ProffieBoard 3 is released.
  • Shutting down crucible and migrating all forums to Facebook.
  • ProffieBoard 4 is released.
  • First non-disney collapsible saber prototype.

I’m willing to bet EVERYTHING that it’s one of the above.


String theory was correct!

I laughed WAY too hard. Thanks!

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And just to be VERY VERY clear.
This is NOT it. :slight_smile:


DX Sabers have bought the rights and assets for Proffie to compete with Ultrasabers.

Shutting down Crucible and moving to Discord.

And I thought I was trolling people… :slight_smile:

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I heard a rumour the new rules are we can only communicate through photos of screens and meme gifs.

… 12 hours until we’ll find out what it is is …

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