So... GUI Proffie Configurator?

EDIT: This tool has been created. ProffieConfig is an All-In-One proffieboard management utility aimed at simplifying the proffie experience!

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I mean… I’m not suggesting anything… but… what would maybe be cool to see in one/what would make it viable and useful?

We already have the config generator, though it’s really only useful for general hardware setup, not for dealing with prop specific stuff, bladestyles, presets, etc.

Like this :wink:

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Oh cool, didn’t realize you’d made that.

Though, I was thinking an on-computer tool which would keep it all (minus the styles) in a gui (flashing and such).

It’d be somewhat limited in what could be done, but plenty for the average user maybe?

Just a thought… :slight_smile:

Was curious as to what one might expect from such a package.

I think one would expect to make it them selves… :slight_smile:

As in… just figure out the proffie themselves?

No, I mean that all the information someone would need to write such a tool is available.
But I’m probably not going to do it, so someone else would need to do it.

Oh, yeah, of course. I may or may not already have most of such a tool written… so my question was aimed to see what would be wanted from it… and if it was something I had loverlooked and was feasible to add, I might…

Technically, you can save the webpage to your computer and run it locally (not sure the benefit though). This tool saves everything in localStorage (up to 6 configs) so you can come back from same computer and update/change as needed from where you left off.

Not sure you have a config minus the styles?

This tool also creates custom Button/Control documents, Style Option records and Supported Sounds when you generate a Full Config providing specific documentation on exactly what is loaded on the saber.

The “flashing” just needs the Web Programmer to be updated to OS7 then it will be reinstated.

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Well, by the time I posted this, I was well on my way to having something. While I still deem this pseudo pre-release (It is in serious need of documentation from me, and there’s a lot of features I still want to implement) I think it’s complete enough to be made public.

The tool works with macOS (x64, unsure whether this runs through Rosetta), Linux (GTK), and Windows, and allows for the creation, export, and import of proffie configuration files, as well as integrating proffie-dfu-setup and will handle the rules required for Linux. It facilitates board discovery and flashing with the help of arduino-cli.

It obviously can’t support the plethora of configuration options available in ProffieOS, but for a vast majority, it should suffice. It doesn’t support newer syntax for presets (the using whatnot… yet…).

I’ve taken several creative liberties when presenting the prop file options in order to try and make them more readable, though it’s my plan in the future to add tooltips with the full descriptions, and an option to view the button controls in-app.

Anywho, here it is: Release Version 1.0 · ryryog25/ProffieConfig · GitHub

Testing and reporting issues is appreciated, I don’t know how active I’ll be able to be, I’ve already poured quite a bit of time into this thing, but I don’t intend to leave it DOA.

(Reasonable) feature requests are also appreciated. Some of them may already be on my personal roadmap (I’ll make it a point to put that somewhere when I write a proper README), but there’s a good chance there’s things I’ve not thought of.


I think you should start a new thread for this.
Hopefully more people will see it that way. :slight_smile:


Gotcha, thank you :slight_smile:

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