Saber turns on out of idle/sleep by itself

I have a WarSabers SK V4 installed with a 2.2 board. Wiring diagram here. On my install, the USB-C charging port was intentionally not setup.

Lately it has been acting up. When the saber is put into idle, it ignites out of sleep, or plays a force power.

Naturally, this would be best sorted by someone who is familiar with installing/electrical work, so I sent it to be looked at by an installer.

The really odd part is… the person who I sent it to could not get it to act up. They left it on idle around 50 times over two days and it did not turn on once out of idle independently. They re-did the solder joints on the helper board just in case, and looked over the rest of the wiring. They did not find anything out of order.

So, they send it back to me. And right when I pull it out of the package, it ignites or plays out of sleep. Multiple times. In fact, on boot, sometimes it auto turns off gestures.

The only thing I can think of, is that maybe somehow, humidity is playing a part here. The installer lives in relatively dry climate up north in the US, and I live in a humid climate down south.

Not sure if this paints a picture of a specific issue… I’m feeling like this saber is plagued to have issues without a re-install.

What version of ProffieOS?
What does the config file look like?

Here’s the config file -
war_config.h (72.3 KB)

I’m currently using the master branch of ProffieOS from GitHub.

Also, in serial monitor, it’s detecting a power switch press, example from an ignite out of idle:

EVENT: Power-Pressed#1 ON millis=572091
EVENT: Power-Pressed ON millis=572091
EVENT: Power-Released#1 ON millis=572163
EVENT: Power-Released ON millis=572163
EVENT: Power-Shortclick#1 ON millis=572163

First of all; I don’t normally recommend using github master, there could be bugs. I don’t know of a change that could cause something like this though.
Either way I recommend trying 7.8 (or 7.10) to see if that makes a difference.

So, this says that your power button was pressed for 72 milliseconds.
That might not sounds like a lot, but it’s long enough to rule out lots of glitch-related things, like magnetic interference, static electricity or cpu sleep issues.

Humidity wouldn’t normally be an issue I think, but I suppose it could cause something to swell somewhere that could in turn cause problems?? I could maybe imagine humidity causing problems in combination with something else, like maybe flux, or some sort of dust or fibers that become mildly conducting when wet?

Maybe try pulling out a multimeter and measure the resistance between GND and the power button pad? If something is semi-shorting it, it should show up.

I suppose it could also be shorted to something else…

Mystery solved. Ditto for the issues with SD card reads.

The board previously had a short some few months ago because the aux pad made contact with the aluminum hilt. We re-wired it to another aux pad 2, which seemed to solve the issue. However, shortly after doing this the issues with SD card reading as well, the random power ons, and the other plethora of issues I detailed in the other thread, started to appear.

The installer working on this repair was able to replicate the issues I was experiencing and checked over continuity between pads as well as the casing on the hilt - no failures.

A new board was wired in and all the issues mentioned were irreproducible afterwards.

tl;dr: board was going bad