Saber only responsive when connected to PC

I recently updated the sound font and configs on a recently purchased TXQ Fallen Order saber but I’m running into an issue where the saber won’t power up unless it’s connected to my PC via MicroUSB.

The new config and fonts work great but as soon as I disconnect the board from MicroUSB the saber becomes totally unresponsive. The boot and reset buttons on the board do nothing when not connected to PC.

Any ideas on what I can do to remedy this? It’s not an issue with the battery as I charged it overnight, though I did leave it in the first time I connected it to PC so I am a little worried that I may have damaged something. I reflashed the board this morning with the battery removed but despite a successful upload the board became unresponsive once it was no longer connected to my PC.

Thanks in advance for your help!

IS this the same sort of issue here in this thread?

It does seem like this is the same issue. I must have somehow damaged that bit while I was trying to access the boot/reset buttons on my chassis.

Looks like I’ve gotta get the board repaired. Thanks for your help!

It could just be a poor battery connection too.
Two questions:

  1. what is the voltage between batt+ and GND? (both measured on the board itself.)
  2. Does it stay on if you remove USB power?

It does stay powered on when USB is removed. I can power the blade off and cycle between fonts and it seems to work as long as I’m interacting with it, however if the blade is off for longer than a few seconds it becomes unresponsive and needs to be plugged into USB in order to power it on again.

I don’t have access to a multimeter at the moment but I’ll go pick one up and report back once I’ve measured it.

That really does sound like a D61 issue.

It seems suspicious that D61 and boot are fairly close to each other.
Makes me wonder if there is a cracked solder, or a bad PCB involved or something like that.

Yeah that’s what it sounds like. I just measured the voltage between the GND and Batt+ pins and it was right around 4 volts. Does that sound about right?

Yep, that’s generally what a fully charged battery should be.

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