Ringing Proffieboard

So I have a test rig wired up and the speaker has stopped working, only to be replaced with a quiet ringing sound. I removed the speaker entirely, and I still hear a ringing sound. Any thoughts?

Well, I think that’s weird.
The only part on the proffieboard I could even imagine making a sound would be the L1 coil on the bottom of the board. Is that where the sound is coming from? Does the 5V pad work as expected?(Meaning that you have 5V there when the saber is on.)

Yep, the sound seems to be coming from somewhere on the bottom of the board, although I cannot tell exactly where. There is indeed 5 volts coming from that pad without a speaker connected. Is there any way to fix that?

Someone just asked me about L1 today. What is its purpose anyway?
And…this one’s pretty melted, yes?

None of those are bridged, melted or burnt, so I’m not sure what is going on

If you have 5v on the 5v pad, that’s a GOOD thing.

The L1 coil is a part of the booster circuit that feeds 5 volts to the amplifier.
Basically, it is used as a transformer to increase the voltage.

It really shouldn’t be making a noise, but the components might still be fine. The noise could just be a red herring here.

Sorry, I shouldn’t have derailed your thread.
Got a video with good audio of what yours is doing?

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Unfortunately no, the ringing is too quiet to pick up on camera. There also seems to be an occasional crackling sound, all of which somehow doesn’t make the speaker work.

Well, first of all, we need to hook up the speaker again if we’re going to figure out what is wrong.
Is the speaker not working at all, or is it cracling, or is it something else going on?
Have you tried a different speaker?

I have tried 2 speakers, but from what I can tell using a multimeter there is nothing coming from either of the speaker pads.

Try setting the multimeter to AC mode, then put the red and black leads on the two speaker pads.
If it register nothing when sound is supposed to be playing then nothing is indeed coming out.

Do you know what you were doing when this problem started?
Have you checked that it isn’t just zero volume? (use the get_volume command in the serial monitor.)

Even on AC there is nothing registering. When it started I was changing components, nothing to do with the speaker though.

Last thing to check is the volume.
If that’s not it, then it seems likely that your amplifier is broken.

That sounds like it may be the case. If it is the amplifier, is there any way to fix it? Also, how to I access the serial monitor?

If the amplifier is broken, it would need to be replaced.

The serial monitor is saying the sound output is 1750, how I set it. It also says the voltage is somewhere between 0.02 and 0.04. Is this normal?

Hmm, i don’t think that is normal.
Is that with battery power or without?

The battery is in, however i believe it is running off the computer when it is plugged in for the serial monitor. Additionally, it seems to be cutting power sometimes then turning itself back on.

Having the battery voltage readout not working either means that there is something wrong with the board (ripped traces, missing components, etc.) or that it’s been programmed wrong. Like maybe you chose “proffieboard” instead of “proffieboard v2” when programming it?

Maybe post some pictures of the board and wiring?

I have just reprogrammed the board making sure it said 2.2 and nothing has changed. I did realise that the cutting of power was because I hadn’t secured the battery properly, so that’s on me. I know my wiring is really crude but this is my first attempt.