Question about proffie

I just uploaded a config with a couple of proffieOS 7 blade styles and what got me interested is that when i go to any sound font on the saber and hold PWR and Hold AUX while holding PWR then release PWR it keeps the sound font but changes the blade style to the blade style of the font after the font im using. Also when I go to the color changing option on the proffieboard and rotate on the fonts that have the new blade style they don’t switch normally(when I twist it slowly changes to a specific colour) it just changes the color from (lets say green to blue) Idk how to explain it.

Refer to the controls for my prop.

If you post your config we can tell you exactly what you have enabled.

I guess the thing with the fonts where you hold pwr and aux then you release pwr is one of the new features from what I saw but I still don’t get the thing with the color. Its only for the fonts that have the blade styles from the proffieOS 7 library. It doesn’t change colors precisely its like an RGB saber from one color to the other but only for the ones with the new blade styles.

That means you have Color Editing styles (which is default in the OS6 & 7 Library), see note on Color Change controls :wink:

More info here:

You can enable and disable many features and controls in my prop, I recommend using my Config Helper Tool to walk you through the options, it will also produce a custom Control / Button List based on the controls you enabled to make it easier to use the saber.

Thanks man. Also you make great blade styles keep up the good work!

You’re welcome. Appreciate it.