Quad blade! dual 2 M 3535 RGBS

This is a THICK style PC tube, with liner and foam wrap. ~ 116 LEDS per side X4
ZIG ZAG Config, and blade counts ALMOST perfect

[Dropbox - IMG_2377.MOV - Simplify your life]
cant figure out how to embed the video here…

But I can only compile with 2-3 fonts on Fast, to try and keep the animations non laggy


First of all, you may want to try “fastest”, the code might be slightly smaller.
Second, you might consider version 1.x of the arduino-proffieboard plugin, the “Fastest” option generated smaller code with that one I think.

Embedding movies is usually as easy as just pasting the URL, at least that works with google photos and youtube.

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BUt how does the blade look =)

Like this:

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Oh NOW I know who you are :wink:

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Camera really doesn’t capture the quad blade awesomeness. rianbow blade and reflections give a HINT

How do you cram 4 strips? And how do you do zigzag in a X4 config? I can’t understand the mechanical layout. Thanks in advance.

The 3535 strips are 7.2 mm wide, I used a 1/4" square dowel, and ran 2 meters from bottom, over the top and back down. then repeated for the other side. I used a 1" thick walled blade from TCSS with the liner, and the foam wrap. it JUST fits… All strips get power, data runs 2 meters, and jumpered over to the next 2 meters

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I don’t have a lot of pictures from my install, but here is one:

The purple wires (there are two of them) are data wires.

I used a 1-inch blade with a foam diffuser. It fits just fine.

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Do you send data in parallel between Data1 and Data2?
Why not send the Data line in parallel to the four strips? Because you can do more effects?

Because quad zigzag blades can do candycane blades. :slight_smile:

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Also the fire blades look really nice, and have more depth that the standard

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