ProffieOS7 Style Library Phase 3 (Early Access) Q & A

PHASE 3 is now Live for my Early Access Patrons.

Any questions or issues please post here. If you get an error please provide the full code generated by the Library -or- if there’s an error message in the library please provide. If you cannot generate Style Code please list the selections you’re making so I can recreate.


This is a demo of a brand new capability coming to Phase 3 of my Style Library for my Early Access Patrons.
Base Style Reaction Effects are a new capability that allows your base style to react to various effects to simulate how your blade’s energy is affected when it absorbs external energy from a blast or other blade or how your blade becomes unstable with extended use. There’s a ton of customization and options available (see second half of the video for the Library demo of options).
This demo is set up to react to combinations of Blasts or Clashes (you can also choose Lockups, Lightning Block, etc.). As you have multiple blasts or clashes hit your blade the blade takes on a reaction style that simulates additional energy being applied, in this case the base animation and color change as you build up consecutive effects.
In addition, using Alt Font, we can also have the actual sound of your saber also react to the energy build up. Once you’ve hit the maximum number of consecutive effects (in this case 5) the sound of the saber (hums and swings but can be anything you want) will switch to align with the new animation. Then after a period of time your blade will stabilize back to it’s original state for the visual effects and sounds.
Be sure to stick around for the second half of the video as I demonstrate the new library interfaces to set this capability up! This is just one new capability coming to Phase 3, I have many more I need to finish and demo.
Up until now we’ve only just dipped our toe in the water of what OS7 can do, Phase 3 is going to a “Canonball” into the deep end of what OS7 offers! Much, much more to come, stay tuned…

Here’s another sneak peek at a brand new feature coming in Phase 3 of my Style Library for my Early Access Patrons.
Accent Overlays are enhancement animations you can add to your base layer to further customize the way your blades looks and reacts. In addition, using Transition Sounds we can further enhance the realism by adding a unique sound that will synchronize perfectly with the animation. This allows you to have surges, bolts, pulses, electric currents, sparks , waves, etc. that run over your blade with their own independent sound.
These effects are fully customizable, you can create 1000s of unique animations and set them up with completely unique sounds. In addtion, using Style Option 3, you can build out an option style and enable different options in each preset for completely unique blade effects.
There’s virtually unlimited possibilities with customization of the animations, colors, direction. You can choose from a timed effect, a random effect, an idle effect or a swing effect and each can have unique sounds tied to them.
I’ve also added new “Boomerang” effects that feature an animation that runs out from the hilt but always returns after a time (customizable) and you can set unique sounds for the two animations, with one sound for the animation running out and another for it returning even further adding to the realism.
There’s a ton of options and customization in the initial launch of Phase 3, with many more in development that will be added over time. Be sure to check out the second half of the video for a demo of the new Library options and how to set up these new effects in Phase 3.

This feature and many more is coming in Phase 3 of my Early Access library for my Early Access Patreon members, more information available here:


Phase 3 is now Live for my Early Access Patrons!

ProffieOS7 Phase 3 Style Library - “True Intentions” Reveal Styles

This is a demo of yet another new feature in Phase 3 of my Style Library for Early Access Patrons.

“True Intentions Reveal” styles are a new Blade Builder feature that allows you to take any two styles/colors and blend them together in multiple ways with only one (Style 0) being your “True Intention”. The two styles will run together until you do your “Reveal” control. Once you do your “Reveal” you can set the time and Transition that will reveal your true intention to the world. Stick around for the second half of the video demoing how to build in Phase 3 and all of the new options and customization available.

I wanted something that could be used for a number of reasons, but yes these styles lend themselves very nicely to Gender Reveal blades for those who want or need. With the True Intentions style you will set up your “Reveal” as Style 0 and the opposite as Style 1 and choose any of the available display options to have the two styles running together, then when you want to “Reveal” the True Intention you will use the control you selected; Color Change, Force or Special Ability*. Note, Special Ability Reveal will require Alt Font set up, see video at top of the library for more information. With the Special Ability Reveal you can set up one Alt Font for when the two styles are running together, then set an altchng.wav sound to signify the “Reveal”, then set a second Alt Font for your “True Intention”. This of course is great for those Gender Reveal styles :wink: and gives you complete control and autonomy over when you reveal the result, instead of waiting an eternity for something with a fixed time.

At launch there are a number of style options for how your two styles/colors are mixed, with more in development:

  • True Intentions Wave = your two styles are running in an alternating wave, you can set the size, speed and direction the waves run in with a number of options available.
  • True Intentions Split = your two styles occupy half of the blade each, you can set the Blur between and which is your True Intention to be revealed.
  • True Intentions Internal Struggle = there’s an internal struggle between each blade with them battling constantly for dominance until you finally reveal your True Intention.
  • True Intentions Rotate = Rotate back and forth between the two styles, you can set the speed of rotation, and then reveal the True Intention when ready.
  • True Intentions Erratic = The two styles will erratically switch back and forth until you Reveal your True Intention.

There’s already so many options and customization available the best way to check everything out is playing in the new interfaces, with even more that will be added over time as I finish development on expanding the options.

There’s still so much more coming so be sure to explore the new Library and try things out. As I have time I’ll be adding to the demos and explanations but this Phase has so much in it I may never get to cover everything.

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ProffieOS7 Phase 3 Early Access Style Library - New Special Abilities - Timed Phase Boost Effects

This is a demo of new Special Ability options I’ve just added to Phase 3 of my ProffieOS7 Style Library.

You can now use the Blade Builder Multi-Phase styles as individual “Boost” Effects. By combing the Multi-Phase style capabilities and Alt Font support with these new Special Ability options you can create custom “Boost” effects for your presets.

  • Phase Boost Effect (Timed) - Scroll through the Phases you’ve built to run as a Power Up or Boost on your main style

  • Select Phase Boost Effect # (Timed) - Set a specific Phase as a Special Ability Boost Effect

Both options also allow for unique transition animation effects and colors and sounds (using Alt Fonts) to create a whole new level of realism for your Power Up or Boost abilities in each preset.

This is just a quick demo, there’s so many options I can’t possibly show them all but stick around for the end of the video to see how to build these types of effects and all of the customization and options currently available, with much more releasing soon.

These new options were just added to my Early Access Library, be sure to explore to see everything possible now.

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Hello, I am trying to setup the Cortosis effect but the green instruction do not show what .wavs I need to setup

Yup, forgot to include in the final code, I just pushed an update. You’ll need to refresh the page for the updated script. It will include a line after each Special Ability about which tr sound files to use for which effect.

“Uses tr??.wav or tr/???/000.wav for toggle and tr??.wav or tr/???/000.wav for shorted ignition”

thank you!

I think I am remembering wrong - but did there used to be a spark tip ignition/retraction size in a previous version of the library? I.e. an input box for changing the size of the “spark”? How would one go about doing that if not an option in the library?

Not that I recall, although I’ve rewritten the code so many times it’s possible an older library pre-OS6 may have. I can look for a future update when I get a chance.

That looks like this:

or, the X version that can take functions for the millis and size arguments:

Note that the default spark size is 400, so since sometimes default values are omitted from the style code (when there’s nothing else non-default following it), that style may look like just:

To change the spark size, you’d need to write in a size where it belongs in the template, something like:

If you open the Style Editor, you’ll see this happening.

@Fett263 IJLTH if this is possibly in the works already. I love how it turned out and hopefully it’s close to what the actual iteration will be. :+1:

//WIP EFFECT #2: Code edited/forked based off of Fett263’s IgnitionEffect “GlitchOn”.

Not sure what this is or what you’re asking.

Is there a possibility of a WavLen sensitive ForceEffect in the cards? :+1:

Gotcha, it’s on the list but have a few things I need to complete first.

Sweet. :smiley: Thanks.

Thank you this was really helpful. I wonder if there is a way to “bend” the size - I’m sure there is, but I don’t have the skill to think of a solution - where a spark tip can start large at the bottom of the ignition, but end small. I think it could be a really cool effect to say have a spark tip that starts 850 in size, and ends 100 in size. Could give the effect that an intense spark starts and settles into the blade by the end of the ignition.

Well I built that, and it should totally be doing that… but its not for some reason.
First of all, spark size values are inverted, so 100 is larger than a skinny 1000.
SO the following code should be starting the ignition with a large at spark then going to small, but it’s not working in both the Style Editor nor in real life on the blade.
@profezzorn is it me or is something amiss?

Int<4000>, // wipe speed
    EFFECT_IGNITION,  /* trigger event */
    Int<4000>,  /* How long it takes to ramp to upper limit below) */
    Int<1>,     /* Stay at upper liimit for this long. */
    Int<1>>,    /* How long it takes to ramp back down to zero. */
Int<100>,       /* lower limit (starting size) */
Int<1000>>>,    /* upper limit (ending size) */

TrWipeIn<500>>  /* retraction transition */

In the end, all the Int<4000> would get replaced with WavLen<>, but I wanted to see it slowly on the blade to test. And that test is negative for some reason right now.

Hmmm, If we use a bump to test Trigger, it works. Albeit the bump size needs to be much larger, and it’s the opposite where larger size = larger value

 /* bump at blade center to test */
Scale<  /* scaling bump width to shrink on ignition */
    EFFECT_IGNITION,  /* trigger event */
    Int<4000>,  /* How long it takes to ramp to upper limit below) */
    Int<1>,     /* Stay at upper liimit for this long. */
    Int<1>>,    /* How long it takes to ramp back down to zero. */
Int<20000>,     /* lower limit (starting size) */
Int<100>>>>     /* upper limit (ending size) */

Spark size/ Wave size is only calculated at the start of the transition, it’s not updated throughout the transition. Transitions run differently than a Shape.

Ok thanks man. That was the next conclusion. :slight_smile:
ok, so then we just do it manually using an animated bump shape instead of the pre-built TrSparkX.
The way this works is this:
There’s an Alpha layer bump shape (the spark) layered on top of the InOutTrL so that it’s not not interfered with and ends up half covered by the leading edge of the TrWipe. However this also means it’s not covered by the Black color when off. So, we make it so that is only visible during ignition by making its resting size 0.

At ignition, it instantly appears (jumps up to its large size), then moves up the blade, shrinking back to size 0 by 80% of the of the out.wav sound.
The TrWipe is timed to 100% of the out.wav sound.
You can edit to taste.

This below uses the sound length, but you can swap out WavLen<EFFECT_IGNITION> for Int<> for a hard coded time of your choice like Int<1000> or something.
Note the spark dwindling out at 80%, so if hard coding a 1000 extension, you’d do Int<800> there. Of course you can just have it do the same times as well. Artistic choice :slight_smile:


Oops. I had a shorter different blade length set than the actual blade so I didn’t see how much was actually missing off the top with the above style.
95% or just 100% might be better for spark expiration.