ProffieOS7 Style Library - (Phase 2 Early Access) Q & A Thread

Yes, but if you’re new to Proffieboard I’d start here so you understand the updating process.

Follow step-by-step and read through everything.

For my prop be sure to read Set Up Instructions and Controls

And this tool can help you set up your config correctly and generate custom Button/Control List based on your selections, watch video and read through everything.

Lastly, be sure to watch videos at top of library for set up and info on the new library features.

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So I’ve made the proper backups just in case everything fails, however my seller isn’t able to provide a proper config file. I’m assuming its mass produced. But, I made my own through the config helper tool. However I saw your saber_fett263_buttons.h file. Is that a config file that I can use, but I just add my config_presets and BladeConfig blades [] code to it?

That’s a prop file, not a config file. The prop is defined in your config and sets up the button controls and features for your saber. You need the BladeConfig from your original config as this tells the OS how uour saber is wired. In my honest opinion, sellers who don’t include or provide a config file shouldn’t be taking your money for a Proffieboard saber. You’ll need to get the config or figure out the BladeConfig section to properly update.

To be fair, I figured out the config file with the config helper tool myself. The blade is a simple one button neopixel saber. No oled, IR, bluetooth or anything. This is the link for the saber:

I had it working for one config preset, but then I updated it again with additional defined features such as higher swing on speed, and now its saying font directory not found

Ok, that’s good to hear. Did you add the common folder to your SD with the Voice Prompts per the Setup instructions for my prop (linked above)? That’s typically the reason users get font directory not found errors.

Yeah I downloaded the english version of Brian’s voices and put them in the common folder of the proffie OS7. I managed to find the config that my seller sent me, it was just hidden amongst all these other folders in the zip file he sent. Anyway, I got everything working! Thank you.

Now I’m just downloading free sound fonts off greyscale, might buy one or two from greyscale and kyberfonts, and put them on my SD card. I’m trying to learn the the blade editor in your style library but there’s just so much that you can do haha.

As far as uploading the proffie OS via Arduino, do I have to always do that when I add blade styles to my config presets? I’ve been watching your videos on edit mode, and I’m just trying to figure out how deep it goes. Like for instance, if I add 5 sound fonts to my sd card and 5 blade styles to my config presets, am I able to use the edit mode to adjust the color for each blade style or even mix and match the “effect” of the styles for each preset, or it only goes as deep as changing the color of ignition/preon/clash etc?

Edit Mode can only “edit” styles, effects and options already uploaded to the saber, assuming they are editable to begin with. To add or edit new styles, effects or options you will add them to your config and upload via Arduino.

Random Blasts added to Interactive Blast Effects.

This option will trigger a random number of blaster shots when you use your blast effect. Whether you choose to deflect or not, there are a random number of blasts from 1 to many that will be triggered. When you hear the blaster firing you can choose whether to deflect or not. To deflect an incoming blaster shot you will quickly move your saber within a short period of time and you will then see and hear the blaster deflection on your saber. If you choose not to deflect the blast, no deflection effect is triggered.
With the “Random Blasts” option you’ll want to keep on your toes as the number of incoming blasts is unpredictable, making it an even more immersive experience.
I’ve also made some improvements to all of the Interactive Blast options so that you can react quicker to the initial blaster firing sound, this allows you to be quicker with your deflections.

New Lightning Mode Special Ability added to Phase 2 (Control the weather on your saber)

I’ve added several new Special Abilities to Phase 2 of my OS7 Style Library including a new “Toggle Lightning Mode” and “Toggle Rain and Lightning Mode”.

This new Special Ability adds a Lightning and Thunder effect to you saber which can be used in combination with Rain Mode to allow you to control the weather on your saber.

The new Lightning mode uses a “thunder or lightning” sound effect in perfect synch with the visual effect of Lightning on your blade which will randomly run while Toggled On giving you a real Storm experience. The sound for the effect is always synched perfectly to the visual effect using OS7’s synergy sound effects for a new level of realism.

You can choose control Rain and Lightning separately or together allowing you to have it show Lightning and Thunder without Rain, Rain without Lightning and Thunder or a full on storm with Lightning and Thunder during the Rain effect and they each have independent sounds to keep them in perfect synch with the visual effects.

There’s even more coming to Phase 2 so be on the look out for future updates.

Phase 2 is only available to my Early Access patrons.

So I need assistance again LOL. I was able to figure out edit mode, how to install sound fonts, put new blade styles etc. However, when I was trying to put the new blade styles, I’m now having compiling errors.

This is the compilation errors:

error.txt (2.1 MB)

This is the new config file Im trying to put:

myconfig (1).h (65.0 KB)

Your last preset “ra” with the Smoke Blade has a bug, BUT I don’t know exactly which combination is causing so it’s going to take me a little while to sort it out. The Smoke Blade is a very complex style and it seems to be having some issues with certain combinations of effects due to how its transparency works.
For the time being I’d remove that preset or choose a different Base Style until I can sort out the cause and how to address for Smoke Blade. Unfortunately, this week and next are a bit tough with travel and the holidays so it may take me a few weeks to get around to it.

OK, I pushed an update for Smoke Blade up, it “should” correct the bug. You’ll need to refresh the library to get the updated script.


cut the ends off your wave files. there tends to be dead air which makes you have to wait to block. works beautifully once their cut down.

Hey everyone im looking for help on the interactive blast files and define im using 8 .wav files for both blaster and blaster deflection i have my blaster shots file labeled alt000 and my deflection shots are stil blst file, the define for the interactive part should be right but im normally wrong much thanks to replys

Why are they in alt000?

Per the style information provided at the top of the code:

Interactive Blast control requires blast.wav files in font. When Blast is triggered blast.wav will play, to deflect blast (blst.wav and visual effect) swing ...

The blast.wav sounds are exactly the same set up as all other sounds. You either put them in the root folder of the font or you put them in a folder named “blast/” in the root of the font.

Alt Fonts are a completely different thing and the style code would tell you what you need to set up for those. Since you’re having trouble you’re probably not using an Alt Font style so there’s no reason to put an alt000 folder in your font.

Ok thatd be where i messed up thank you and always fett

You’re welcome. All of the new effects with sounds will have instructions in the top of the style code for what is required. Any effect sound goes in the root or a folder with the name of the sound in the root.

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Hi fett, just a quick one im wanting to try the lightening effect will i need to add a folder to the font named tr ?

Yes , the style information will specify the naming needed based on what else is running in the style.