ProffieOS7 Style Library - (Phase 2 Early Access) Q & A Thread


Please watch the videos at the top of the library, there is a lot of new stuff in the library and a lot to learn.

Please post any questions or issues. This phase was considerably larger than the previous with a lot of new interfaces and code so I’m expecting a few bug to pop up. If something in the library isn’t working or the page freezes let me know what style you were using and what Enhancements you were trying to enable/select. The more information you provide in the steps you took the easier to find and fix issues.

If the library generates style code and you get a compile error I just need the FULL style code generated and I can track down the issue.

If the style code compiles and uploads and something doesn’t work as expected post the style code and describe the issue as best you but please make sure you read the top section of the code and did ALL of the required set ups for sounds, etc. Many of the new features require the font to support and require my prop with the correct defines. If you’re missing any of the required pieces the style cannot work properly.

Also, be mindful of Control Layer code, you can only have a single Control Layer style in each preset. If you have multiple blades and need multiple styles simply uncheck the Control Layer and the library will generate the appropriate version.

There is a ton of new features, styles, effects and options with even more on the way. Here’s just a short list for teasers, be sure to explore all of the styles and options, I have only had time to actually demo a very tiny fraction of what’s been added.

PHASE 2 Highlights

  • Interactive Preon Effects - several available at launch, more on the way…

  • Interactive Blast Effects - two versions at launch, more on the way…

  • Expanded Multi-Phase - set Multi-Phase Lockup, Lightning Block, Drag and Melt

  • New Special Ability - Rain Mode

  • New styles for Ahsoka Series characters

  • New Customization Options for Lockup, Lightning Block, Drag and Melt

  • New Recipes including JuanSith Duality and Tano’s Lesson and Ahsoka Characters with more on the way…

  • There’s also more updates and additions that I’ll be adding to Phase 2 as I complete, the list of effects was so long I had to put some things on the back burner to get launch completed. As I get time I will be finishing and adding.

There’s still a ton more to come in future phases as well, OS7 has so many new capabilities it’s going to take a while to get everything built.

Be sure to explore all of the styles and options, I have only had time to actually demo a very tiny fraction of what’s been added. Enjoy!


Phase 2 should be launching this weekend, just need to finish a few small items and shoot a few demo and explanation videos. I’ll be posting those here and will make a formal announcement when Phase 2 goes live.


A few more videos, should be launching Phase 2 tomorrow afternoon just need to clean up a few things and do some final tests and one or two more demo videos.

This video is important in understanding set up for the new sounds to support the upcoming features in Phase 2, it will be posted at the top of the library as well as recommended viewing.

Demo of style built in Phase 2:

PHASE 2 is now live for my Early Access patrons, please revisit the first post in this thread as I have updated.

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This might be an easy one to sort.
Im virifying my config and im getting the error when using special abilities i cannot use multi phase ?

Spectre.h (19.3 KB)

Im getting quite alog error with this

Yup, you can’t have those two defines in your config. Technically, Special Abilities replace Multi-Phase. Review the defines and notes on each for my prop before adding to your config.

Yep sorted that but then when compiling im hit with 3 errors not sure if its something i have done

Looks like the library has a typo in a script for generating one of the options you added, I’ll have a closer look tonight. Not sure if it’s a simple fix or more complicated without deeper investigating, not something you did from what I can see, just a bug in the library. There’s a lot of new options so I can’t really test every possible combination so reporting is the best thing, then I can see what needs to be fixed. I’ll report back when I’m able to find and fix it.

No problem thank you just glad iv not messed up still fairly new to this

Sure, don’t worry about “messing up” anyway. The reason you get compile errors is because Arduino won’t let you upload something that doesn’t work.
And any compile error can be fixed by correcting the code, which we’re here to help with. A lot of times it can just be a typo, or a missing comma or bracket. But at any rate it’s always fixable.
And even if you upload something that you don’t want, as long as you keep your original config, you can always reupload to revert back. Just keep a back up copy of your config and there’s really no “messing up” to be worried about.

Do you think its maybe something iv selected when creating the style i could try and differnet combination to see if i get a different result

Sure, it “looks” like an option just has a typo or missing variable but without my computer I can’t say exactly what. But if you use a different option it should compile. If it doesn’t post as well and I’ll have a look when I’m able.

Not a problem will do

Had a succesful config verify the only thing i removed from the style was special ability 5 play spund and ignite

So i added special abilty play sound and ignite back just to double check and got the error so i believe the bug is with that maybe

OK, that helps. Thanks.

Made another post about the rain effect it works amazing only problem iv encountered is the sound still plays after i deativate the feature even when i turn the blade off track only stop when i change font

Post the style code you generated, need to see if there’s a conflict.

Spectre.h (18.0 KB)
Sending this via my phone otherwise it would of just been the style code