ProffieOS standby time

So RSX-Engineering was suggesting some changes to proffieOS, which highlighted a bug in the clock control class. Fixing that bug seems to have improved the standby time for the V2 proffieboard from ~6 months to nearly two years if my measurements are correct.

Assuming I didn’t break something else, I will backport this bugfix to the 7.x branch once people have had a chance to try it out. For now it’s just on the github master branch.


So would it be accurate to say this enables a “Deep Sleep” capability for users who’ve wanted on the v2.2 as well as v3.9?

So, the idea is that we test master on some V2 and just leave them for a week?

Amazing! Now to go reflash all these shelf sabers :crazy_face:

I think it depends on your definition of “deep sleep”.
Deep sleep could also mean a mode where the saber is unresponsive until you press a button.

Assuming my measurements are correct, there is no need for “deep sleep” to save battery anymore.
But maybe people still want “deep sleep” to prevent accidental ignition?

Fair enough. I’ve always taken the “Deep Sleep” request to be more pertaining to battery life for users without a kill switch or kill key. It’s something other boards seem to market as a feature, although I always install a kill switch personally, but I’d say 2 years of “shelf life” would be equivalent to a “Deep Sleep” mode for battery life.

I have a define in my prop that handles accidental ignition after MOTION_TIMEOUT that I think cover that end.

For me is about forgetting about the board. Somehow, I’ve never seen a Proffie las more than two or three weeks before eepleting the battery so much I have to charge it from zero.

The 2-year standby only works if everything is off.
That means no blinkys, no gesture ignition, no motion controls.
When I measure it, I use the “default_proffieos_config” to do it, which uses the “saber” prop.
I’m not entirely certain if other props lets everything power off or not, it may depend on styles and settings.

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Is this fix just changing





And will that work on my v6.7 code? I’m not looking to dive into os7 just yet, but if I can change that one line of code in clock_control.h to get WAY better standby time, I’ll gladly make that change locally.

No more Fredrik yelling, “Low Battery” at 3AM? Then I have to figure out who is the culrprit? Ha! Awesome find Fredrik!!!

Yes, that is the fix.
However, there are fairly widespread reports that this “fix” also causes the board to freeze.

I saw those reports as well, but on 6.7 changing that one line does NOT cause any freezes that I’ve seen yet and my saber was asleep for a day before I powered it back on with no issues.

That’s good, but I don’t actually think it’s a 6.7 vs. 7.x issue. I suspect that using some features (like maybe gesture activation, or oled displays) causes freezing. Although I don’t know, so clues are welcome…

Gesture activation is on here, but I don’t have an OLED display hooked up. This is an LGT proffie board with the default wiring (though I did unhook the button LED from the speaker connector because WTF LGT?)