ProffieOS 7.10

Ok, so I made a ProffieOS 7.10.
If you wonder what happened to 7.9, see this thread: ProffieOS 7.9 (testing)

7.10 contains all the stuff from 7.8, plus:

  • glitch neopixel fix
  • a for SAVE_STATE which incorrectly used SAVE_DYNAMIC_DIMMING instead of SAVE_BLADE_DIMMING
  • Fixes for Teensy compilation
  • Fix defaults for TrDoEffectAlwaysX
  • Fix wav restart after wrong rate
  • PWM clock fix

It does NOT contain the clock speed change which caused problems in 7.9.

Since 7.9 was bad, I want to make sure that we test 7.10 a bit before I make I update my site to point to it. Please give it a whirl and report your results in this thread. You can find it here:


Just for the heck of it, I tried out the serial monitor bug and constant clash detection bugs from my earlier minus the temp fixes. Still there for what its worth.

Just a quick chime-in. I just wired up a proffie v3 install with 9 blades running OS7.8. I had subblades running on Data 1 and Data 3 that would only seem to give me data issues in the off-state. I was only running 2 test presets, one being a battery level indicator that had displayed more issues than the regular font preset. I didn’t seem to encounter the data issue on the blades that weren’t subbladed out. So came on Crucible to share, but noticed this OS7.10 was available.

So, happy to report this one solved those particular data issues. I haven’t done much else in the way of testing, but hopefully that’s helpful information. Thank you!

Still need people to test this…

I might not use my sabers like everyone else mostly display but like to be a child again at times hehe, both mine have been using this, and nothing seems to be different from 3.8 for me

Tried two configs on OS7.10, and they both run smoothly and quickly.

One is mostly Fett263’s OS6 library, some style editor work, and on of NoSloppy’s beefy styles.

The other is made with Fett263’s OS7 beta library, including party mode 2 with multiple styles and ALT fonts.

No issues. SD card reading well. Edit mode functioning.

Is there something in particular I should check?

I can only confirm the first issue has been resolved. OS7.10 has been installed on 3 or 4 sabers in various configurations (with accent pixels, in both subblade and non-subblade arrays) successfully. I have not tried blade dimming or dynamic dimming. Or the other items addressed, for that matter.

Ok, we have enough confirmation, thank you to the people who tested it!

7.10 is now linked from the proffieos homepage and github as the latest release.


I’ve only tried it in one setup and it worked flawlessly. Got another more complex build on the bench which I’ll be doing tomorrow, so was waiting on that to report back, but so far it all seems solid. :slight_smile: