Proffieboard V3. Font Directory Not Found, SD Card Not Found

Getting new sound fonts on this has been a major pain in the ass.
Recently acquired a new Proffie V3 soundboard and some of kyberphonics sound fonts and over the past two days of troubleshooting have slowly made progress on getting it on there.
The real issues started happening when I tried uploading the new config to the board itself through Aurdino. It gave me the Error 1 message because I had a space in my username.
So I created a new user profile on my computer got all the settings updated and went to upload the new config file. It seemed to be a success however when I power on the board now I get the following error: Font Directory Not Found, Font Directory Not Found, SD Card Not Found.
When I plug it back in I got the port busy error. Turns out I didn’t sign out of my other user profile and had the application opened on that account at the same time. I’ve gone through countless topics here trying to figure this shit out to no avail. Arduono still recognizes the board but my computer can no longer read the SD card from the board. The SD card itself can still be read separately. I’ve tried to update the board but it says no supported boards are connected. I’ve tried uploading the previous config files (that I backed up) to the board via Serial, and Serial+Mass Storage+WebUSB.
Plz help. I’m doing this as a favor for my less tech inclined brother and I’m worried I fried his board.

I would just start simple. Close Arduino.
Connect the board via USB.
Double-click ProffieOS.ino in the ProffieOS folder.
In Arduino, make sure your config file is set in the CONFIG_FILE section.
Menu Tools>Port, choose the Proffieboard.
I would set the USB type to just Serial for now.
Tools>Board>Proffieboard>Proffieboard V3.
If the SD card is still not recognized, it would be time to start inspecting hardware.
Check for voltage with a multimeter at the SD power pad, it should be 3.3v.

That should be a good start.

First of all, check that Arduino → Tools → Board says “Proffieboard V3”, if it says V2, then the SD card would not work (among other things).

Second, take the SD card out, put it in an SD card reader and make sure it’s not corrupted. (If you haven’t yet, make a zip backup of all the files on the SD card.) If it is corrupted, format it and put the files back.

Went through what you said and got the same Font Directory Not Found, SD Card Not Found. Pulled out a digital multimeter and after poking around the board with it I’m getting about ~1.2V… I don’t think the battery has been charged since he’s got it but that may just be wishful thinking

SD Card works just fine, not corrupted at all

If your battery is that low, you should replace it.
Lithium-ion batteries are permanantly damaged by going below 2.6 volts.

Admittedly I’ve never really used a multimeter before so I went and double checked. The battery itself is about 4.1ish. And double checking the right nodes to the sd plug in reads at 3.3V

SD card not found is usually pretty cut and dry. Either the wrong board chosen at upload, or a hardware malfunction. You might want to try blowing some compressed air in the SD card slot make sure there’s no dust screwing up the contact?

There is also the possibility that the SD card has been formatted in a way that makes proffieOS unable to read it.

DId this work at some point and then stopped?
Or has it never worked?

It was working until I tried uploading a new proffieos

Well, that means one of two things:

  1. Something in your upload prevents the SD card from working.
    1a. This could be an old version of the arduino-proffieboard plugin.
    1b. An old version of ProffieOS
    1c. Something in your config file. (please post your config file so we can take a look)
    1d. Something in the Arduino->Tools settings.
  2. It could be that the SD card got corrupted when you uploaded. This can happen if the SD card is connected to your computer when you press “upload”. (Macs seems to be particularly bad at this as they want to index the contents on the SD card and creat little metadata files for every file on the sd card, when you hit upload, the process is suddenly interrupted, and the results can be somewhat random.)
  3. Something else, although I don’t really know what that would be…

Assuming (1) isn’t the problem, the fix would be to format the SD card and put the files back. (Or try a different SD card.) Just make sure it’s formatted as FAT32, or it will not work.

This helped immensely because this is the first time anyone has even alluded to uploading the config without the SD card inserted to the board. I removed the SD Card, uploaded the data and it worked like a charm.

Happy accident! I didn’t actually mean removing the SD card. What I actually meant was to use the “remove safely” on your computer before uploading.

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