Proffieboard V2.2 test

Hi guys, forgice me if this is a really basis question.
I recently had a few loose wires in my saber hilt and after reconnecting I have no power.
Admittedly I am new to all this and my soldering skills are non-existent, but I also don’t get any indication of sound when I connected the board to my laptop separetaly, so I suspect I may have killed the board.
Am not sure if I’ve not wired it coreectly, or worse still, may have fried my board (during a global shortage, lol).
Are there any simple tests / things I can check to see which issue I have?
Any and all help would be appreciated.

got any photo’s of your board and connections.
also what wiring diagram did you use and what is the spec of your build?

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Thanks for the reply.
I used the schematic on Fredrik’s Proffie pages.

Have attached a pic of the board where the wires had become disconnected.
It previously booted with sound when I plugged in the board, but unfortunately no longer.

from what i can see the wires are ground and button 1 trigger.
but your wire colours are not clear.
the board should still connect to the computer even without the battery power so that one is a bit strange. it might be that the ground shorted something out on the board when it became disattached?
if you solder the wires back on does the board still work?

I thought the same re the wrires, thanks.
The wiring is as it was when I got the saber, but I agree it’s a little confusing and I might try and re-do them in time (still a bit scared at this stage, just in case).
I’ll try and reattach the wires again and see what we get, but I too was surprised that when connected the laptop the board didn’t respond with the muffled sound, etc.
Will repot back, appreciate the help.

Nope, not a thing unfortunately.
Is there any merit in my stripping everything off (as currently it doesn’t work anyway) and starting over?
Or is there a minimum number of wires that need to be attached to see if there is power going to the board?

that could be an option. (technicly you dont need anything on the board to talk to it from a computer but power at the minimum help)
either that or trace the original wire back to make sure they are what you think they are.

failing that i fear the worst :slightly_frowning_face:

just a thought but have you checked your device manager when the board is plugged in?
your laptop might not be playing the sound but is actually talking to the board.

Thanks James, am fearing the worst currently.
I’ll check the device manager. Should it just read as the board or as SM32bootloader?

depends on if you’ve used the board before on you laptop, so either STM32 BOOTLOADER or PROFFIEBOARD.
I assume you have downloaded ZADIG to update the driver?

I had Used Zadig previously before the wiring issue.
Well it connected as bootloader eventually, but took a few goes. The laptop recognised the Ian and opened the folder with the font files on it but still nothing from the sabre.
Definitely think I’ve killed it.
Time to source a new board I reckon.
At least my soldering should hopefully improve if I can find a board lol :wink:

Thanks for all the replies by the way James, nice to have someone to bounce this stuff off.

try reinstalling proffie os if the board is talking to your laptop.
also check all the pads to make sure they are not shorting out.

no worries, just glad i can help

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Ok, here is a list of things to check:

  1. plug the board into USB, use the device manager to see if it shows up on the computer. (don’t rely on “ding” sounds)
  2. If it didn’t show up, try hold BOOT, press and release RESET and release BOOT. Now did it show up (It would show up as STM32 BOOTLOADER).
  3. If it still doesn’t show up, use a multimeter to measure the voltage betweend the 3.3v pad and GND. Is it 3.3 volts?
  4. Is the board getting hot? (If so, you should disconnect it from USB…)

Depending on how these checks go, there may be more…

Thanks for responding and the advice, also much appreciated. Will have a look and get back to you.

ps can’t believe I had a response from actual Fredrik #legend

Not to burst your bubble, but there is a 100% chance of me answering questions about proffieboards posted on this forum. :slight_smile:


Hi all.
I connected the board to the laptop, got a notification sound and the laptop recognised the sd card. Went to device manager but not listed so did boot/reset and it does show up as sm32bootloader. Doesn’t seem to be hot at all. Hope these are good signs

They are all good signs.
Just need to check zadig and make sure you have the correct driver installed, if so do you have a simple config file you know works?
I would see if you can compile and flash the board and see if it works?
I’m sure proffiezorn will help better than I can though as he is the expert

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I can be slightly more explicit, but the advice is the same.
Pick a known-good/simple config file, do BOOT+RESET again to put it in bootloader mode, then click the upload button in Arduino. (Note that the Port setting won’t really matter when you do this, so it doesn’t matter if it shows up in Arduino->Tools->Port or not.) After programming the board should hopefully function normally and show up as a Proffieboard in the device manager.