Proffieboard Memory

I was wondering if someone can help me understand what takes up memory on your board? Is it the defines, the styles, the props, or a combination of the three.

I’ve been trying to add a Greyscale font to my config and I try using the blade style for it and it goes over memory. I want to know what I need to adjust or remove in order to get it to stick.

Start here:

In general, it’s fairly complicated.
Styles takes memory, but the more similar your styles are to other styles that are already being used, the less memory they take.
Defines themselves don’t take any memory, but the functionality that they enable or disable do. Of course, if you use a define that disable something, then you will most likely save memory.
Same thing with props really, a prop that has more functionality will tend to take more memory than one that has less functionality.

Cool. That helps.

Thanks Profezzorn

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