Color names not working

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I’m having a voice issue. I have a voice pack on my lightsaber and, only when I change color, the voice that supposed to say the color names don’t kick in. Would you happen to know where the conflict is by my config? It works just fine on my other lightsaber but not on this one.

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Do you have these defines?


If that’s not the problem, what does the serial monitor say?

Entering smooth color change mode.

unit = 0 vol = 0.50, Playing Bank13/ccbegin.wav

channels: 1 rate: 44100 bits: 16

What prop are you using?
Smooth color change mode doesn’t really work with edit mode, so the fett263 prop doesn’t have it.
Conversely, the fett263 prop is the only prop that supports speaking the colors I think.

I know I have both Fett defines in there. The prop on the config is props/saber_fett263_buttons.h

Unless I am not using the right one.

Try the “version” command in the serial monitor, it will show which prop is being used.

prop: SaberFett263Buttons
buttons: 1

Is what came up

You need Edit Mode enabled styles, with Base Color Arg to have Spoken Colors in ColorChange mode. Use the library to generate.

I’ll try it in the morning. It’s getting late here and I have to get into work in a half hour. I’ll try it when I get back home and update on the results.

If you still have trouble post your config and we’ll have a look. Color List only works on Edit Mode styles, and Color Change only uses Color List if you have BASE_COLOR_ARG in the style.

These are all the defines on my config:

They look fine, it’s the style code that determines if it will work though :wink:.

The presets with style code from my library will use ColorList as they have BASE_COLOR_ARG, the others cannot as they are not Edit Mode enabled. Those use the ColorWheel for ColorChange, not Color List.

So… what you’re saying is… I need to put more of your styles on my config. Got it. LOL