Proffie v3 slowmo issue

hi i have an issue… loaded a config for a dv6 master chasis on a v3 proffie… when te boot starts its fin and then turns to slowmotion… you can hear it in the audio file i linked.

any ideas?

Slo-mo like that often suggests a power issue.
Is the battery fully charged and in good condition?
Is all the wiring sound, the joints good and the grades of wire sufficient for the load (albeit that’s more of an issue when lighting a full blade).
Does it do it only when a blade is fitted?

This thread might help:

i have installed over 40 LS’s… always proceded the same way and used the wire g. 22g for main +/- , 28g for buttons-accent leds, 30g speaker-data…

battery is fully charged… tried an other sd card that im sure is fine…

and it dose that without a blade…

Then the next step is to clean, like, ridiculously spotlessly clean, the area around the 3.3volt and ground pads. Others can confirm, but I believe that’s where the clock components are (might be different on a 3.9, I’m not sure myself) and any flux residue there can sometimes cause issues like this. I once had an install that had a really long delay between pulling the kill key and it booting up, and it turned out to be ‘something’ in that area. But it took a lot of attempts at cleaning it before it suddenly popped up and started working properly.

This seems like a problem with the clock circuit, although it could be something else.
The clock circuit is sensitive, so it could be a wire that is touching it, or is simply too close.
The clock circuit is made up of Y1, C7 and C8

Note that even non-conducting things like plastic can upset the clock circuit.