Proffie core not working

I have an old Imperial Workshop Scavenger 2.0 that uses a single button Proffie core. I’ve done light dueling with it for years and it’s been fine. Until the other day when this happened. Any ideas?

I would guess it’s a broken D61 since it won’t come on unless you have the charger connected.

It’s hard to say more without knowing how it’s wired and configured.

Is a broken D61 fixable? I’d like to repair this core if I can. It’s a standard LGT Proffie 1 button core from 2021.

It’s a little fiddly, but yes it can.
(We would need to make sure that is actually the problem first though.)

The part map will show you where D61 is, it also has a link to the BOM with the part number.

This thread has a lot of examples of fixing boards that might be helpful:

It looks like my core doesn’t use an actual Proffie board because it looks different? Is it a clone? Any idea how to fix?

Yeah, that’s not a proffieboard.
Sorry, no idea how to fix whatever that is.