Port not showing in Ardino all of the sudden

Hey Saber Community,

Ardunio is not showing any ports for boards that I plug in. It just stopped working randomly. I have tested 3 boards now. One installed. I have used Zadig and unstilled ardunio and still nothing. The USB is showing on windows but the com port is not showing in ardunio. I only see com 3 and 9 but nothing else. Can anyone help?

Whats weird is when I use zadig its not displaying the typical STM32 but isntead now saying serial (interface 0)


This might be helpful:

unfortunatly this did not work. I am screwed… I have no idea how to fix it. None of my boards are being read


Was this programmed with or without WebUSB support?

I opened zidag and boom gone. i have no clue what i am doing. this is a case of it aint broke dont ifx it. and i screwed something up

This may help you get a clue:

when i used Arduino before i did winUSB sieral and web. how do i go back to just serial. and so it shows up in my ports again. all my sabers are not showing up :frowning:

So, you have to click on each of these device functions and check their drivers.

I think one of these things is actually the serial port, but with a bad driver attached to it. The most obvious suspect would be the “CDC Data” function, but I think that is actually the WebUSB device.

I’m also a it suspicious of the last device, since there seems to be three mass storage functions here. I’m not sure what happens if you try to attach a mass storage device driver to a serial port device, it’s possible that it would look weird like this.

This screenshot has no information in it. Please delete it.

This screenshot doesn’t follow the rules of this forum, which states that you should use cut-n-paste whenever possible instead of screenshots.

What’s shown is a 1-10 count down, which either means that the board is not in bootloader mode, or the DFU device has a driver attached to it which makes arduino not be able to find it.

What driver is attached to the STM32 BOOTLOADER device?
Since windows said “unknown device” earlier, I suspect it has no special driver, which means you should run proffie-dfu-setup.exe. (Which you can find here: ProffieOS Documentation: Proffieboard Setup)

I apologize I did not intend to break any rules. I am just looking to fix the issues.
This is the driver i see for serial:

something changed simply when opening zadig. because i tried on other PC saw the port. opened zadig and gone…

I’m trying to compare this to my computer, but it doesn’t look the same.
Is your computer behind on updates? (Or is it perhaps Windows 10?)
In my Windows 11, “printers and devices” doesn’t exist anymore, and there doesn’t seem to be any replacement that shows anything useful… :frowning:

The problem is that if this is the WebUSB device, then WinUSB is the right driver. If this is the serial port device, then this is the wrong driver…

This screenshot has no information, please delete it.

I see. Well I have no clue how this happened in the first place you can view printers and devices by right clicking in windows 11 in control panel devices and printers and open in a new window

My computer might need some upgrading…
(I don’t use windows very often)

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Ok, I was able to find “devices and printers”, I went to Settings → Bluetooth & devices → More devices and printer settings.

Once there, I checked the properties of one of my proffieboards, and it showed exactly this:

… except it also shows a COM port.
That COM port just isn’t there in your listing which is super weird.
I’ve seen lots of cases where people use zadig poorly and screw up their ports, but the device would still be listed here, it just wouldn’t work. I don’t understand what would cause it to disappear completely. I mean, how do you check the driver for something that doesn’t exist??

I don’t suppose if you open up the “device manager”, there is a device listed that is not functioning properly?

I see this too. but in arudino i only see com 3 and com 9. my boards just are not showing up none of them. :frowning: bad luck with sabers :frowning: however the com 3 does not show (proffieboard) I am telling you man something happens when you open zidag because it happened to BOTH my PCs