PB V3.7 beta test thread

2.86V all the time.

That’s the same as mine…
Wonder if they have the same problem?

Need a 4th test at minimum?
@MegtoothSith ?

vusb pad and what? gnd? Ill go measure

vusb and GND


Negative lead to VUSB
Positive lead to 3.7 Volt pad: .04V

Battery 4.09 V not plugged in USB

I have searched Hi and Lo for the release date, and it seems the only place I have seen anything was here. Has there been any update as fr as a release date or should I just go ahead and get a v2.2? I’m the guy with the crazy 6 NeoPixel strand build starting up soon if that helps lol.

I’d say that we’re lucky 2.2s are available and go for it. Since @profezzorn is holding off on the 3.7 release and is also looking at the ESP32 why wait.

You can always swap out that 2.2 and reuse it in the future.

Thats what I was thinking. Just wanted to make sure before I dove in!

Apparently, the manufacturer of the CPU for the 3.7 has not resumed production after the pandemic and is not even clear if they won’t EOL the chip. So he’s looking into the ESP32, but it has certain limitations on the software side that are needed before it can be a viable alternative, if it ever is. So… either wait an indeterminate amount of time, or go with 2.2. I know I’ve resumed buying 2.2.