Os7 Using function bug

Minor bug I think? Using function is generating what it needs to do. Creating new presets recognizes and allows to adjust arguments, but somehow loses those arguments when I add a new Using styles? Made up 3 using functions for the Greyscale fonts, found out I had plenty of space so I made 3 more using functions to fill up more basic bladstyles, didn’t realize it somehow reverted back all the Greyscale presets to default, doesn’t have the arguments as they first showed up.

So, there isn’t a lot of information to go on here, but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that this has nothing to do with using using.

Instead, this is simply because presets.ini is by default ignored when you upload a new program to the board.

There are two ways to work around this:

  1. You can look up the arguments that you have in presets.ino and copy them into your config file by adding a string inside the parenthesis at the end of the style.
  2. You can use KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING, but if you do, click on the link and read about the caveats first.

Yeah, if you’re using EDIT MODE, it creates a Presets.ini file on the root directory of the SD Card. This is where your available font(s) are stored. By default, it gets deleted every time you upload a new config, but if you use KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING, then it keeps it. However, if you change the number of fonts, the Presets.ini will override the blade styles in the config and will be used instead if it is left in place.

If you’re wanting to keep the settings stored in Presets for a given style, See here for details:

I would use NoSloppy’s tool to “unlock” the Presets.ini and manually edit/copy over settings if you’re adding new styles before each upload.

Though if you want to use only the Presets.ini for your saved style list, you can save some memory and only have 1 of each Using function in your config, if multiple styles share the same Using function.

Sorry i should have been a bit more specific. This is using the config helper tool, i have not uploaded anything to the board yet.
Creating a new config to test out the limitations and see what i can add.
So i created 3 usings greyscale1, 2 and 3 so i can accomodate all 18 fonts.Then started building presets from those (forgive me not at home right now but something along these lines:
Styleptr greyscale1 <(110034~~~~0etc…) just for an example

I did all 18, all had their arguments. Looked good. Downloaded config, verified, saw i was at 90% full so before an upload I decided to go back to the config tool, added 2 new usings for rotoscope and humflicker(I did not touch any of the 3 greyscale usings created). Continued adding presets from those 2 new usings(I’m at about 30 or so presets by now) and when I was done, generated config again and at this time I realized all the greyscale presets did not have any arguments to them, just had:

Styleptr greyscal< and nothing after this all the arguments were gone. All 5 using functions created were still good, just the 18 greyscale preset arguments were gone. None of the new

Was this because I went back to the config tool and added those 2 usings and new presets? If so then do I have to create everything 1 shot so it saves it all correctly? Or was this a bug that it didn’t save those arguments.

Hmm looks like a bug, the tool should be holding those values. Do me a favor and post in this thread to remind me, I’m tied up the next couple of days but I’ll have time this weekend to dive into it. Just post in the Config Tool thread so I keep track.

Will repost in that thread later this week.
Also another thing it’s not doing/holding values but I can post it in that as well.

Hello just a reminder from a post earlier this week.
The other issue I noticed was when making a new preset (we’ll use preset #1 for example) off of the using function, it loads all defaults (so style 0, ignition 0, powrup 0, all preset up colors for blast, clash and so forth lets use white) but when making another preset #2 using that same using function, it’s showing all the arguments that were changed with preset #1. So say preset #1 used style 0, ignition 2, pwerup 1 and green for blast clash and so forth, when I make preset #2 it’s showing all those arguments that were just used on preset 1. It’s not defaulting back to style 0, ignition 0, white for all the colros and so forth. So instead of preset 2 showing Styleptr> ~~~0 ~~~~6 I have to revert back all arguments which makes a lengthy Styleptr>0 655 655 655 655 and so forth.
Either way, I’m having a blast using with everything, looking forward to tinker with more stuff this weekend. Hope you have a good one too!

I’m not sure if that is a bug or intended behavior, because I’m not sure exactly how you made your new preset. (There are several methods.)

If we assume that you just added it to the config file, can you show us the actual config file and the changes you made?

Also, do you have KEEP_SAVEFILES_WHEN_PROGRAMMING in your config file?

Sorry forgot to mention again this was all on the config building tool. I see fett replied he pushed an update im going to try it out this weekend, looking forward to it.

For future reference, and to avoid confusion, always post issues with my tools using the link at the top of the respective tools. This way everything is consolidated and it helps me keep track of fixes. I always put a thread together for the tools/versions for questions and issues.