Os6.6 false clashes and stab sound and effects

I seen in one of the four of them that someone was reporting false stab sound and effects on their saber while swinging it then I noticed it on one of my fonts and I thought maybe it was the font and people were saying to change the font or the sound for the stab or clashes but then I noticed all of my fonts were doing it so I am going to go back to the 5.9 OS I think maybe there’s a bug in the 6.6 OS :person_shrugging:

If you continue to read about it, you’ll see it seems to be due to increased sampling of the motion sensors, and that simply raising your CLASH_THRESHOLD may take care of it :slight_smile:

Not everybody experiences this problem, and so far, none of the people who do have been interested in helping me understand exactly why it happens. Once they were able to adjust their saber, they said thanks and moved on.

We think this problem is caused by reading the accelerometer more often, but it doesn’t actually make sense for that to make it so much more sensitive, so it would be nice to sit down and try stuff to see if we can understand it better. Maybe there is a bug? Maybe it’s caused by something else?

I do not experience it. My guess is it might be that I am not running fett263’s prop nor do I have any DYNAMIC_CLASH related things?

Thank you for the information and for all you guys do I will definitely look into it again when I return home next weekend

I have my prop and 6.6 loaded on all 10 of my sabers and have not experienced it on any of them. A couple I moved from 3.0 to 3.5 for the threshold but that’s it. As profezzorn noted, seems like everyone who reports the issue magically gets it fixed and/or disappears so it’s pretty hard to figure out but I don’t think anything in the prop would cause, my prop doesn’t create the Event detection it just responds to it.

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Yeah, I was thinking more like something to do with clash_strength in prop_base. Or pending status, ignoring etc…

Maybe clash_impact.h ?

I had this very issue when i went from 5.9 to 6.x…but simply raising the
CLASH_THRESHOLD_G in the main prop file fixed it for me.

What would be some first steps in your opinion?

I don’t always have time either because I’m an OTR truck driver and only home on the weekends. I suppose I could bring my laptop with me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

I could make some alternate versions of ProffieOS that:

  1. reduces the accelerometer range back to 4G instead of 16G and see if that makes a difference.
  2. reduces the accelerometer read speed from 1600 values per second to 800 values per second and see if that makes a difference.
  3. A hacked version of 5.9 that increases the range from 4G to 16G and see if that causes the problem.

If none of the above seem to narrow things down, then I might need to write something that records the accelerometer and down vectors so we can see what they look like when a spurious clash happens.

No I don’t believe that’s it because even when I just turned the saber on the stab will activate I’ll check further into it when I get home it may be just my saber. I reuploaded the 5.9 OS this morning but haven’t had a chance to test it out yet I’ll do that this evening when I get stopped

Okay I have just texted my 5.9 OS config upload and still had the same problem with the clash and stab .
Problem Solved: I had to turn the volume down to a quiet 1,120 :roll_eyes:.
So I will be uploading OS 6.6 when I return home and turn it down :confused:
Thanks to all of you for the help and all you do🙏

FWIW I can say when I was tuning my hilts one of the four Jedi Knight Dark Forces free font ignition sounds (out.wav) could easily trigger clash. The thing right now is I forget which specific one.

What I’d done was isolate the specific one and then repeatedly try out different clash settings until I found the perfect level and it stopped. I even went as far as to test melt and stab to make sure I didn’t alter how they worked.

*The saber months ago when this was going on was one of my alloy KR Flagship’s with the stock Goth-3 eco chassis, 28mm Smuggler’s Outpost Dark speaker, and volume at 1600. YMMV.

Here’s the free font if anyone wants to figure out which ignition (out.wav) triggers this. I honestly think if @profezzorn can get someone to run trials the specific out.wav is a perfect tool for this. It’s been tweaked for Proffie now and @NoSloppy made sure to make the output levels correct so it’s not like it’s the font at fault.

I’m wondering if simply using the new OS6 config feature FILTER_CUTOFF_FREQUENCY to get rid of any unnecessary low end rumble… and set it to 100 (100hz). Its probably the low end frequencies that rattle the hilt triggering a false clash/stab.

Just speculation…i dunno

@profezzorn Thoughts here? I’m installing OS6.7 on my new Bendu chassis and hilt today and am open to the idea of doing some testing.

Well, the first thing is to try to quantify of much more sensitive 6.x is vs. 5.x in your particular setup.
Once you feel like you can tell the difference easily, then we can try things to see what makes a difference, like changing it from 16g range to 4g and 1600 readings per second to 800 readings per second. I’m also working on a clash recorder which can record the actual accelerometer values right/before and after the clash that we can try out eventually.

Sounds good. I got 6.7 all setup in the Bendu hilt for testing right now. The initial with 5.9 on that was volume at 1750 and 3.9g. With 6.7 I am now at 1500 and 9.0g and am going to start creeping the volume up along with the clash down. When it starts happening I’ll reply in this topic. *Note, the board in the Bendu essentially floats and the chassis is laser printed (HP machine IIRC for a stronger piece along with the steel emitter shell) which for a sparring use really does isolate it while allowing the driven effects to act upon forces in a unique way.

I’d like to hold off on the Flagships until after this one is done so I keep things simpler. Definitely changing the range and readings will help with them since the biggest difference now is the new removable chassis set being in play. As a result my old settings are only reference as the chassis design itself is changed.

Edit: Bendu hilt volume at 1500 with clash down at 4.0 with no issues. Going to hard code 4.0g into the config and also raise volume in config to 1600 and test further.

Unfortunately 3.9 is basically the max for 5.9. Since the values can’t go higher there is no way to know exactly what it would have been if it could go higher. That basically makes it an invalid comparison. It’s kind of like trying to weigh something that ways more than what the scale can show.

Maybe 9 was the right value for ProffieOS 5.x too, it just wasn’t possible.

Hadn’t thought of it that way, solid counterpoint.

That said I added in an edit above. Here’s where things are now w the Bendu hilt. I’ll start upping the volume tomorrow. Been up since 5am and it’s 10:30 now.