OLED not turning on without blade

Hello everyone, I wanted to ask why the oled display of my sword only turns on if the blade is inserted, if I activate the kill switch without the blade it remains off, is that correct? I wish the display was active even without the sword.
Thanks in advance.

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Is it using the same sound font with or without the blade?

Oh, and please post your config file and what version of ProffieOS you are using. We’ll need more information to figure this out.

mb_graflex_20.h (28.3 KB)

Here is my config, as a proffie I have 6.8.
Thank you very much.

yes the same

Do you know how it’s wired? Could the OLED neg be wired to the main blade LED pads?

We connected it as in the attached image

OK so if the diagram has been followed, then wiring should be OK.
Does the display show anything at boot or when you change font/preset?
Do you have any bitmap files on your SD card or are you just expecting the defaults?
When you switch the blade off, the OLED should revert to a battery level display (basically vertical bars on the OLED)? Is that not showing?
I assume you are running off battery power and not USB? If you’re runing off USB, there’s no battery level to display so the screen will go blank when you switch the blade off.

If the blade is connected everything you ask me, it works and when I remove the blade the battery icon remains on the display.
But if I don’t insert the blade before reactivating the kill switch, the oled does not activate. I’m not connected usb and I’m using the default presets. (although I tried with the bitmaps on the sd and it works)

That’s very odd. The only other thing I can think is something about the layout of the hilt is putting pressure on a bad connection when the blade is inserted. Seems very odd though. :confused:

Thanks for the advice, as soon as I can I try to make a video of how the oled behaves

As far as I can tell, your config file has nothing in it that should behave differently with/without the blade. Assuming you didn’t just post the wrong config file, I think that means that the problem is somehow electrical rather than a configuration issue.

The config file is the one I have attached, as you can see from the attached image the power to the display actually arrives, but only with dots, if instead I insert the blade, activate the kill switch it loads the battery image correctly.
Thanks for the advices

I think seeing a wiring diagram would help here.
I know that the OLED screen I have works fine on USB power only. I wonder if yours is a little sensitive or something?
What happens if you insert the blade but do not activate the kill switch?
What happens if you activate the kill switch but do not insert the blade ?

if I activate the kill switch without the blade, the display makes dots but it seems broken, (like the picture on the left) if I first insert the blade and then activate the kill switch, the display works ( like picture on the right) the wiring diagram is in the sixth post.

I’m sorry, but in your wiring diagram the accents are a single RGB managed by the MOSFETS, while your config has a 6 element WS2812 strip fed from a single MOSFET. I can’t see the actual wiring because it’s hidden in the hilt. May be you can clarify things? Is the only inconsistency I saw.

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If you measure GND-3.3v on the OLED display, do you see 3.3v? Does it show the same voltage with or without the blade?

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I have to check the voltage, I’ll check it on Monday, thanks

Here I am, I did the test with blade and without blade, and it always scores 3.3v,
and the oled with blade work, and without not work.

Could you explain this better?

None of your presets have the message “name” argument at the end of them.
Presets should end like
.........>(), "something"},
Yours end like

Not that this is going to fix anything, but let’s see what happens once you correct that.

The only time I have seen “dots” on an OLED is when either the .bmp image file is not formatted correctly, or the OLED was broken.

A video of you testing all things would be helpful.
No blade in, switch presets to a font with no .bmp image in the font, and allow it to just use the “name” text.
Then switch to to a preset using a font that DOES contain a font.bmp image.

@Profezzorn, am I correct that a new addition is when there’s no message argument, or if it = “” that it displays which preset it is, like “preset 0” ?