No clash or swing

Hi, My new proffie isn’t making any swing or clash sounds. All other sounds that are triggered work (blaster, the force etc), and the hum works.

I uploaded a new config prior to actually installing the proffie into the chassis so unsure if this problem was there before and if I remember correctly the basis of that config was an ECO saber config (LGT saber are they called?) as I liked a few of the blade effects.

I’ve tried to google the issue and it looks like this is a common problem with those Eco Sabers, so hoping I’ve not caused an irreversible issue here?

I was asked to check out Serial Monitor but it’s like The Matrix and just spams this. I’m not sure what I’m seeing:
ACCEL: {-4.00, 4.00, 4.00} diff={0.22, 2.63, -1.19} v=2.90 fgl=0.02 accel_={-4.00, 4.00, 4.00} clear=0 millis=30948 swing_speed=4.18 mss={2.13, 25.80, -11.67} stab=0

Thanks in advance.

Oh and I’ve now gone back to the stock fonts and config but that didn’t resolve it.

What version of ProffieOS are you using?

updated to 5.9 to try and fix but initially 5.7.

I’ve also just tried this (below) but that didn’t solve it so will revert the lsm6ds3h file back to 5.9 stock (if they are different)

Sounds like you’ve tried the things you’re supposed to try.
I think that means that you have a broken motion chip.
Contact the seller and ask for a replacement.

Hey Adam go check out my post as the solution came in the form of updating a command file to a newer version rather than the OS itself as that wasn’t the issue. If you still have issues figuring this out let me know and I’ll walk you through what I did to get my saber’s motion functions working again!

Updating the motion chip file (lsm6ds3h.h) is not required (or helpful) if you’re using ProffieOS 5.9 or newer.