My PROTOTYPE custom builds

HI All,

Thought I might add my build thread here for the 2 lightsabers I’m building.

The Morningstar

And the Peace Saber.

The current build progress is that I have all the parts coming in soon and I have a spare board that I’m going to use as my test rig.


thought id add to the pot as V1 is now complete and functional.

the twist lock for the blade is very effective and easy to use for blade removal and fitting.


These are good.

Thank you, I like you emitter on your staff, very cool!

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I’ve adjusted a few things since and am working on my crystal chamber now but I did sit down with my son and we came up with this one for him.

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what staff? that big bastard is a single hilt there’s no emitter on the other end.

oops my mistake, still looks awesome though!

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It was named Morningstar yeah I love it. Can’t wait to finally build it with the crystal chamber

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further refinements for my sons hilt design has seen a huge improvement and both him and myself are happy with it.
tbh i’m actually quite jealous as his design is better than mine.

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i think i’ve nailed it and this is what i’ve managed to come up with.
the main hilt is 36 OD for the main part with the speaker/pomell coming in at a whopping 46 OD. (this is to make it possible to use a 40mm speaker)
the main design i wanted to keep quite clean so i ditched the illuminated switch and just went with tactile switches instead.
my still planning to use my compression lock for the blade as i’ve managed to pretty much sort out it’s failings and seems to be reliable, but that is with minimal testing so far.
the chassis has been an evolution and i’m sure it will get better with each itteration, but i’m happy with this one. (i think next time i will go for a smaller speaker to keep it simple)
i’ve gone for a generous 50mm of blade insertion to keep flex to a minimum.

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Woah that’s nice

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thnax dude :+1:

I had an issue and stuffed my pixel adaptor. So I’m currently a bit bummed and kind of stepped back.

Oh no, is it totally dead?
Might be a sign to buy the new one from shtoky :innocent:

I got two adaptors as spares so it is fine just a bit unmotivated plus adaptors don’t like it when the iron is set to 500°C

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So I’m having issues with the morning star. I bought a chassis and I got a crystal chamber but the spacers I bought are a little too wide and catch on the internal diameter of the saber. making it difficult to get in and out.

Sound like a job for the 3d printer mate👍

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it was 3d printed. here’s the pic. of the 3d printed crystal chamber. the chassis is fine by the way.

I just need spacers that are a bit thinner.


Or you could print the top and bottom section again but have the rods and spacers moved in a bit closer to the centre so they clear the outside circumference.:yum:

i don’t have a printer a friend made this for me. though I was going to get the spacers and shave them Down

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