Missing categories?

I feel like maybe there should be more categories, but I’m not sure what, or what to call them.
Any ideas?

Given the growing number of amateur font makers I’d say that might be a good spot. Could be good for discussion, especially once V3/OS6 kick in and capability grows significantly.

What would you call it?

“Smoothswing Font discussions”?

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Sounds good to me.

Where in the forum would you prefer troubleshooting be kept? Do you think a specific problems area would be best, or just go to wherever it applies (code to OS, electrical to board…etc)?

Also, in the mission statement (if you wanna call it that) it says 3D printing. Want to have a place specifically for that, or just leave it in the building section?

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I added a “Sound Fonts” category.
For now, I think 3d printing will stay in the various categories which already exists, but if it seems like 3d printing becomes a big/common topic, I will consider making a category specifically for it. (Same goes for machining, etchin, CAD, soldering and just about any other technique or tool we might be using to build stuff…)


Maybe a special topic for all User Manuals, wiring diagrams, useful URL links, components recommendations?


Maybe… this forum has some sort of builtin wiki thingy that I haven’t explored yet.
It may also be that those things are best served as pinned posts.

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So it turns out that wiki post are just forum posts that anybody can edit.
Potentially useful, but doesn’t really solve the problem of how to find useful posts/resources/information…

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Sounds good to me. I’m good with it wherever.

Also found out you can only post 15 times on your first day.

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I guess it’s mean to fight spam.
Anyways, I’ve increased it a bit.


Not an issue for me anymore, obviously, but if anyone else goes on a spree that’ll help to increase.

Odd that the wiki is editable by anyone. Might be better to lock that down.

I personally love going to the actual wiki for information. Old habits.

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I was hoping to use tags to identify helpful posts.
The problem with that seems to be that only the topic author can set the tags…

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Even with 3* +? That seems antithetical.

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what does “3* +” mean?

Didn’t you say you needed to be 3 star rated or higher to set tags?

Edit: TRUST level 3+.

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Trust level 3 is required to create new tags.
When creating a topic, anybody can apply whatever tags they want to it, assuming they already exist. However, I’m not certain who is allowed to edit or add tags to an existing topic.

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Yeah, I can’t seem to find an option to tag an existing thread.

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This post explains how tags work in discourse:

Doesn’t seem to explain the permissions very well though.

Yeah, they work the way I assumed they would. Can apply tags on post creation and admins can edit them on existing posts.

Seems this is a common request.

I with you on that - it would be very nice to be able to set something as helpful if you reach a certain trust level, but it also sounds like there are limitations with trust levels themselves.

#4 has good info about giving TL3s ability to edit other’s content.