Mini Saber Build

Hi all! It has been a while since I posted anything…and I figured I’d share some of the projects from the last few months.

I decided to build a lightsaber for my brother for Christmas (on Dec 6th, of course), and went with MHS V2 as a base for the hilt.

Here is the internal design:

I’m particularly proud of the kill switch and power/aux switch design. The power and aux switches use a simple flexure to transmit a press through to the tactile switches. The kill switch is mounted sideways and there is a 3D-printed adapter to which a custom-machined brass stand-off connects. The neat thing about this design is that you can slide the chassis in-out of the hilt and simply thread the brass standoff in place afterwards. A simple screw forms the kill switch and you pull it out with your fingernail (sorry nail-biters, you’re out of luck):

And here is the what it is supposed to look like once completed:

The inlays on the side are genuine leather, and I wanted them to be flush with the surface of the metal, which meant milling recesses into the 3-inch extension. Started with a painful machining setup, and even more painful (slow) milling process:

In order to fit the speaker in the hilt it was necessary to bore out the inside of the gear extension. There is nothing more satisfying than a perfect fit:

Here are all the parts completed and ready to assemble:

The stand is made from leopard wood, with a simple oil finish. The uprights are 3D printed, filled, and painted. Threaded rubber feet are screwed into the underside to keep it from sliding around, and I printed a small plate to put a short inscription:

Thanks for taking a look!
Mark C.


I love that design. Feels like something the Younglings would make in The Clone Wars episode The Gathering.

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Whoaaaa…very well done!

The leather inlay is especially well done

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Really nice! I’m trying to wrap my head around the switches. I’m guessing the kill switch is a sliding switch mounted vertically, and the brass part threads into something that captures the switch? And then the screw threads into the brass as a handle of shorts?

Love the flexure, I just completed a 3d printed saber that uses a similar design so I can have buttons on a removable chassis that I can press from the outside. I’ll post my build soon

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Yes, you are correct about the switch…here is a better view:

The only change I made to the actual part vs the model was to drill through the brass and just put a longer screw all the way through. All the parts were 3D printed from PLA, except the switch adapter (beige part in the picture) which was PETG.

Can’t wait to see your build!

Here we go!