LS6 PCB upgrade wire diagram

Greetings sabersmiths. I’m finally getting back on my LS6 build with a Proffie 2.2. The PCB upgrade control card has a data 1 in/out, and data 2 in/out. I need help with how to wire these 4 connections to the proffie. Thx.

Are there 2 neopixels on the pcb?

And two tactile switches with pads for the switch wires?

Yes sir, that’s correct.

OK cool.

Then you have options. Since you have 2 data lines you can wire them in series as one “blade”, in parallel with both of them doing the same thing, or as individual “blades” with seperate wires so they can be controlled, uh, separately. (there’s also subblades but that’s only of you want to or need space for wires IMO).

Your blade number at the top of your config will have to match, as well as the blade code section at the bottom of your config file.

So I guess the total number of blades and how you want your blinkies blinkin’ is what you need to plan, then the configurator can do a lot of the work for you.

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Appreciate your help. I’ve wondered if the control box card is pre-programmed to control the blinking lights to perhaps mimic the way they did in the movie. If not then I will program it as you have advised by treating them as blades.

@Fett263 ’s OS6 library has the green and red ROTJ lights as options for the accent pixels. However that works might guide your build :slight_smile:

Ooooo thanks!

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if you wire 2 pixels in series, you could do this as one blade without subBlade :slight_smile:

// Red Green Arrows for a single blade made up of 2 accent pixels:
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Thank you. Would this be useful perhaps for the red triangle light?

I understand it’s for both, thank you

I’ve done an install of an LS6 with a Proffie. The space is tiiiiight, but with patience and planning it is doable. Which upgrade card are you using, the one currently on TCSS?
Which chassis?
With some light modding to the L6S internals, you can fit a 28mm speaker in there, which is killer. Let me know if you want me to walk you through that or anything else. I had another installer give be a bunch of tips on the LS6 and it was really invaluable!

Thanks for the assistance. I really just need to figure out how to wire the red and green pixels into a proffie and the related config for them. I’m not asking for much, I would like the red to turn on when the hilt is activated and the green to turn on when the blade is activated I guess. Blinking. Something similar to the deleted scene.

The problem is that I don’t know how your “upgrade card” works.
Without knowing that it’s hard to give advice on how to wire it.
Usually that sort of instructions would have to come from the people making/selling that card.

Hello Frederick
Sorry but I’m not familiar with what an upgrade card is which is ironic since this is my fourth saber build. All I know for now is that I would want to use a brand new profit board for this new build.

I have a proffie 2.2 in my hand now. SD card, a chassis, and a bunch of wires.

I’ve built LEDs and pixels that mimic the main blade but never independent or blinking before.

I haven’t built a saber in over a year and it seems like a lot has changed since.

For what it’s worth, I could sure use the definition of an upgrade card by now.

I appreciate everything you guys do in the development of the cyberbuild community.

What Frederick and myself were asking, is what card is in the control box of the hilt - the one that came with the LS6, or the upgraded version from TCSS perhaps?

I don’t know what it is, you mentioned it in the top post.

From what I understand, you have a PCB that goes into the hilt that has some LEDs on it, and maybe some buttons? Where did you get this PCB? Did it come with a circuit diagram? Did it come with a manual? What is it?

Oh…This is a empty Korbanth LS6 Gullwing. The one that has the cheep plastic crystal reveal.
I’m wanting to build out this gullwing with a new proffie v.2.2, a shtok PCB, 16650 16650 battery. This hilt had a control box card that lights ups the pixels with the 2 blaco square buttons…I think. I purchased a upgrade control box card that includes the rechargeable port, and kill switch all built into the card. I bought this upgrade control box card from, I think, custom saber shop.

Sorry for the confusion.

Ok, so which card are you going to use?
Did it come with instructions or a circuit diagram?
TCSS doesn’t work for me today, so I can’t go to their site and check what they provide.

No sir, I bought the hilt second hand and the TCSS replacement board didn’t come with wiring instructions that I’m aware of, except for the board itself is pretty self-explanatory just not to a sound board.

Maybe a picture of the board would be enough to make it self-explanatory to people who have never seen it before? (Like me)